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Social.coop Loomio Membership

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Issues and ideas pertaining to Social.coop Loomio Membership


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by emi do Fri 23 Oct 2020 9:26PM

Based on the results of this poll, we will continue with implementing the strategy to remove members from the social.coop loomio group if they have not changed their 'title'.

For the past year, members of the Community Working Group (CWG) have tried numerous strategies to do a membership accounting of social.coop. Most recently, the CWG Ops Team has asked everyone on social.coop to change their social.coop member 'title' to reflect that they are indeed still utilizing the platform. In the past month, I have individually messaged all members that have not changed their title after the first announcement and follow up reminder.

I am now going to remove all members that have not changed their member 'title' as I assume that the lack of response is an indication that they are no longer active members. With Loomio moving to a pay per user payment system, it is good practice for us to keep our member numbers accurate. We can re-instate members at any time if they contact us.

For anyone that has not changed their title (for whatever reason) but would like to remain a member of the social.coop loomio group, please respond on this thread.


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Abstain 17.9% 5 BM L ES AU ZS
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G I McGrew
Thu 8 Oct 2020 12:51AM

I've been staying off of social media and unplugging as much as possible as self-care in the current environmI haven't changed my title. Please don't remove me. I hope to return to active usage when I am able.


Ana Ulin
Thu 8 Oct 2020 12:51AM

@emi do can you confirm that when you say "title" you mean the Loomio profile "Name" field? Or is this something else that needs to be changed?


Alan (@alanz)
Thu 8 Oct 2020 12:51AM

I have been engaged with other more pressing things for the last while, but would like to stay a member. I have not changed my title, not sure what is required, but please keep me active


Oli SB
Thu 8 Oct 2020 12:51AM

I'm a member here in Loomio - but don't think I am an "official" member of social.coop (esp as I have never paid) so this may be part of your problem... i.e. a lack of clarity around what it means to be "a member" of the community? I'm really interested in what you are doing - and would like to follow your news...


This is the first I have heard of this effort. What’s a “Title”? Also, what does it mean to be a member?


Ed Summers
Thu 8 Oct 2020 12:51AM

I don't think I received a message about changing my title, and am not really sure what it means to do this. I would like to stay a member of Loomio since I'm still paying a little bit every month, and continue to use the mastodon instance.


Thu 8 Oct 2020 12:51AM

(@tierra_comun) Tierra Común Cooperative admin


benjamin melançon
Thu 8 Oct 2020 12:51AM

Could you link to / describe where and how people are supposed to change their title?

And it's a little unclear whether one is voting to stay a member here, or on this approach of removing inactive Loomio accounts 😂


Thu 8 Oct 2020 12:51AM

I want to remain in the Loomio group but have not added a title here. There are various reasons why someone may not want their identity publicly linked across Social.Coop, Loomio and Open Collective and I don’t think they should be excluded for this.


Thu 8 Oct 2020 12:51AM

I'm also unsure what a title is and how we should change it


Thu 8 Oct 2020 12:51AM

Bit confused by the request, thought it was changing my Loomio name, which wouldn't be great for me as I use Loomio for other projects. Got my head around things now.

Also think its reasonable to prune folks who are not responding (people can always ask to be re-added if necessary)


Jeremy Rose
Thu 8 Oct 2020 12:51AM

What's a title and why is it important to remove inactive members?


Thu 8 Oct 2020 12:51AM

agree - but I'd like to get a statistic about how many users got pruned out, what the potential saving is in payments, how many users there are with the "title" to identify them.


Tobias Damm-Luhr @tobiasfdl
Thu 8 Oct 2020 12:51AM

I did not change my title yet and would like to continue participating.


Martin Kennedy
Thu 8 Oct 2020 12:51AM

Despite my inactivity, I would like to continue to be a part of social.coop. I've been consumed by local efforts for months now but more than anything support the construction and maintenance of community-run social media groups.


Nathan Schneider Thu 8 Oct 2020 2:39PM

@Ed Summers @Caitlin Waddick @Alan @Ana Ulin · @anaulin@social.coop the title change is just to change your name in this Loomio group to include your S.c handle—yes, the "name" field. But I'm embarrassed that I can't figure out how to do that now! Anyone else remember?

@Oli SB this group is for members. We hope you'll consider joining! We'd love to have you. Most threads are public, so you can follow the discussions without being a formal member. But if you don't decide to become a paying member, please un-join the group since we now have to pay per member.


Ana Ulin Thu 8 Oct 2020 5:05PM

This is not the right way to do this, as it will change your name for all your Loomio groups, not just social.coop. See below for instructions directly from Emi. [You change your Loomio name by going into the menu (the three vertical lines in the top left of the desktop web interface) -> then open the menu under your name (clicking the little arrow to the right of your name) -> then select "Edit profile" -> then change the "Name" field. I attach a little gif I made of the process.]


Richard Hull Thu 8 Oct 2020 6:26PM

Still confused - have I done mine right then? I don't want to get "removed"


Ana Ulin Thu 8 Oct 2020 7:23PM

I think your's is right, because I can see your @social.coop handle in your name, @Richard Hull (@Richard_Hull@Social.coop) . But I"m not 100% sure, I think it's best to check in directly with @emi do and have her confirm.


Ed Summers Thu 8 Oct 2020 2:41PM

Thanks Nathan!


Richard Hull Thu 8 Oct 2020 3:07PM

Sorry, I'm confused - which is the 'title' - I see different ways people have done this


Charles Stanhope Thu 8 Oct 2020 4:33PM

I see some confusion here about the title. The original post about this (as far as I can tell) is here: https://www.loomio.org/p/TsVCy57f/instructions-for-adding-your-handle-to-your-loomio-title

The title seems to refer to your title as a member of the social.coop group in Loomio, which is separate from your name on Loomio itself. I just added a title to mine, so we'll see if it shows up here when I post.


Charles Stanhope Thu 8 Oct 2020 4:38PM

Also, I'm a little confused about the issue. I use loomio to contribute a little money each month to social.coop, but I haven't had the bandwidth to otherwise actively participate. If you remove me as a member to (understandably) save money, would I still be able to contribute funds through loomio or not?


Ana Ulin Thu 8 Oct 2020 5:07PM

@Charles Stanhope you are likely contributing money via Open Collective (https://opencollective.com/socialcoop), which is a separate service from Loomio. I am not aware of a way to contribute money to social.coop via Loomio.


Matt Noyes Thu 8 Oct 2020 5:08PM

Hi Charles, this is an interesting phenomenon - we have several members who are not using the Mastodon instance, but participate via Loomio and support the project through Open Collective. So, we have to carefully winnow the Loomio membership to keep those folks included. This process of polling people is one way to see who on Loomio is responsive and interested in continuing to participate, whether here or on the instance or both.


Wooster Thu 8 Oct 2020 5:10PM

I submit that anyone contributing financially to social.coop each month should not get their account removed


Matt Noyes Thu 8 Oct 2020 5:17PM

Exactly, that's why we are asking people to update their handles - so we can find out who wants to stay involved.


Charles Stanhope Thu 8 Oct 2020 8:01PM

@Ana Ulin · @anaulin@social.coop You're right. Thank you for clearing up my confusion.


So, I contributed at OC when I joined as a member, and I served on a committee once upon a time.


Charles Stanhope Thu 8 Oct 2020 8:23PM

Thanks everyone for the clarifying comments. I don't want to consume unnecessary resources ($3/month?), so I would be okay with being kicked off social.coop's loomio group (despite changing my title) as I don't have much history of participating here. I assume once I'm removed, I won't receive the loomio emails. So it's very helpful that much of the discussion is public and posted to the https://social.coop/@SocialCoop account. 🙂


emi do Thu 8 Oct 2020 10:12PM

Thanks for all of the questions! I realize it is a bit confusing, we've been trying to find a way around this process and have been taking some stabs in the dark for some time.

A few points of clarification: the goal isn't to kick people out for non-compliance :) The idea is just to remove anyone from the loomio group that is no longer interested in staying involved with governance of social.coop. With open collective user names, loomio user names and mastodon handles not matching, it has been very difficult to cross reference who is who. This just seemed like the easiest way to do some membership accounting as we have had quite a few people leave the instance over the years.

Now for a few specifics:
@Richard Hull (@Richard_Hull@Social.coop) : the way that you have changed your 'name', your social.coop handle will now show up throughout all of your loomio accounts. The reason we opted for the 'title' option was so that folks could keep their loomio profile name unaffected while allowing us to quickly scan through the member list and see who was/wasn't part of social.coop

@Ed Summers (edsu) : I've changed your title to reflect your social.coop handle!

@G I McGrew: happy to hear you're still interested in being involved! We've missed you!

@Charles Stanhope: you definitely are not going to be 'culled' if you don't want to be! We're just trying to see who is no longer interested in being a member. Thank you for your monthly contributions!

@benjamin melançon : you're absolutely right... the check was poorly executed as I tried to do two things at once! I noticed that you didn't change your title to reflect your social.coop handle, so I went in and did that for you. I hope that's ok!

@Ana Ulin · @anaulin@social.coop : thank you sooooo much for being on the ball and being so helpful!

@Caitlin Waddick, @CaitlinWaddick@Social.Coop : you are not going to be removed from the group! you are such an asset to social.coop (and you have done all of the steps/things!)


Ana Ulin Fri 9 Oct 2020 12:13AM

@emi do sounds like there is a different "title" feature, separate from "name", and my instructions above are actually misleading (I have now edited that comment to reflect this). I looked around but was not able to find anything called a "title". Can you post instructions on how should members edit this "title" field? (Or link to existing instructions, if those are already somewhere.)


emi do Fri 9 Oct 2020 6:10AM

Here's the original post from @Mica Fisher on April 9th: https://www.loomio.org/d/mILsHUPB/adding-your-social-coop-handle-to-your-loomio-title

This is the message that I sent people between June 1st and September 9th:
"'Just reaching out as we're currently trying to do an audit of the social.coop membership. In order to ensure adequate membership engagement on the decisions being made on loomio, we're asking everyone to post their social.coop handle as their social.coop loomio "title". You can do this by going to the "members" tab on the social.coop loomio page and clicking on the three vertical dots next to your name. There should be a space to "set your title" (ie emi@social.coop)."


Richard Hull Fri 9 Oct 2020 3:37PM

OK, I think I've got it now, thanks Emi


Ed Summers Mon 12 Oct 2020 10:31PM

Thank you @emi do !


emi do Mon 12 Oct 2020 10:11PM

@Lara : These are the instructions for changing your title: You can do this by going to the "members" tab on the social.coop loomio page and clicking on the three vertical dots next to your name. There should be a space to "set your title" (ie emi@social.coop)."

I'm also happy to do this for you if you let me know your social.coop handle.

@Darren : This is why we chose to have people change their 'title' within social.coop rather than their loomio name (in their profile). That way, it only shows up when you are posting within the social.coop loomio group and not other loomio groups.


emi do Thu 22 Oct 2020 10:02PM

@Jeremy Rose, I'm sorry I didn't reply to your question earlier. The 'title' is something you can set for each loomio group that you are a part of. It will only show up next to your username in that group and won't show up in other loomio groups that you belong to.

The reason why we want to remove inactive members is that loomio is moving to a pay per user system and we want to make sure that our membership is reflective of those who want to engage with the governance of social.coop (hopefully all members of social.coop!) We also want to make sure that those who aren't members of social.coop aren't able to sway our governance process.


Jeremy Rose Thu 22 Oct 2020 10:14PM

Thanks, this is helpful context! I'd change my vote to :+1: if I could, but it looks like this is now closed.


emi do Fri 23 Oct 2020 9:50PM

Thanks! With your +1, I have shared an outcome for the proposal and will proceed this week to start removing non-active members.