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Summit #11 Hvar - NEW DATES: 17.-21.05.2018

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Dear all,

We have agreed on the dates for the next summit!

  • When : May 17-21, 2018 (arrival on 17th, leaving 21st)
  • (Extended summit: TBC, partner workshops and meetings before 17th and after 21st of May)
  • Where : Jelsa, island of Hvar, Croatia
  • How to get there : Flight to Split, then ferry/catamaran to the island (more details soon). (Or to Zadar / Dubrovnik + bus + ferry)
  • Initial budget calculation: For full stay (5 days) 100€/person for accommodation (breakfasts, pool and gym included - INITIAL OFFER; HOTEL: https://booki.ng/2m8z9WN ), other meals to be added
  • *If you have any questions, ask on this post or on * "summit channel on slack"

Once we have a clearer idea of how many we will be and first feedback on budget, we will send you the link to book your summit ticket.

*More info on the website: http://summit.ouishare.net/hvar/ *


We’ll be adding details and updating this post as the preparations advance :-)

Looking forward to seeing you in Hvar!

Summit #11 team

EDIT 16.02: We decided to change the core dates from 18-22 to 17-21 May to enable better partner engagement locally (more working days, and 21st is a holiday in many countries). As well look out for an extended summit before and after those dates, more information in March!


Bernie J Mitchell Mon 13 Nov 2017 7:12AM

I'm in!


Bernie J Mitchell Mon 13 Nov 2017 7:16AM

Can we do the channel on Slack please? #toomanyappsalready ;-(


Ehab Elia - Ouishare Mon 13 Nov 2017 11:56AM

@berniejmitchell let's keep this loomio post as a discussion base For now


Charlotte Tue 14 Nov 2017 2:22PM

Ohhhhhhhhh no.....first time that I'm fed up with being back at University....I can't join you.
What a pity!!!!
My calender says I will be on a study trip. :thinking: Let's hope the study trip dates will change!


Miriam Moreno Tue 21 Nov 2017 10:43AM

Hi!!! I have a problem with the access to the spreadsheet. I don't know why?¿?


Manel Heredero Wed 22 Nov 2017 10:45AM

Quick reminder about the new OuiShare Team Drive. Please note that if you wish to share files as 'people with the link can edit', this is no longer possible for files in the OS Team Drive. For things like the spreadsheet for who is coming to the summit, I would recommend you keep those files in a separate folder in your own drive


Agathe Lehel Tue 16 Jan 2018 12:26AM

Hello @auli
We try to get a subvention to come from Québec. Is the hotel full? Do we have to find another place to stay? (I don't know yet how many people could come) :-/
Many thanks for planning this summit! Can't wait to see you all :D


Auli Kütt Tue 6 Feb 2018 1:09PM

Definitely not full yet, and we got extension for the deadline - afaik we need at least 40 participants to keep the price down. But do sign up all the people as soon as you're sure!


Francesca Thu 15 Feb 2018 9:46AM

ping @raduseserman , it seems the hotel is not at all full afterall! And it's a great deal in a beautiful place (with pool) :))


Radu Seserman Fri 16 Feb 2018 2:00AM

@francesca, I will stay at the hotel, one person. When and how should the reservation be paid for?


Auli Kütt Fri 16 Feb 2018 3:47PM

Updates coming soon! We're working on finalising the cost calculations and will have an online registration & payment environment for you to pay for tickets.
We're also discussing options for pre- and after-events (workshops with partners etc) in case you can spend a longer time on site. You can expect more information and a more precise program in March!
cc @raduseserman


David De Belleville Tue 27 Feb 2018 1:40PM

looking forward to info on deals to stay at the hotel before and after the summit, thx, xxx


Leina Mestrovic Sat 24 Feb 2018 11:08PM

One more update and my first Loomio post, att. @auli @antoniabanovic @saraheisenmann. We are also planning PARTNERS DAYS 16th - 17th MAY for both foreign and Croatian businesses (if the pre-event in Zagreb one month earlier attracts enough interest), and we are also targeting Hvar major touristic event ending 15. may. Since it is quite a long trip and wonderful destination would be great for all of you who can afford to come few days sooner or/and even stay bit longer to do so, the worst that can happen (if our plans go wrong last minute and you already have a plane ticket) is a few days more in paradise and the best thing would be few days in paradise plus business, cultural or networking opportunity:)


David De Belleville Tue 27 Feb 2018 1:36PM

Hi @leinamestrovic and welcome to Loomio :)
Can you clarify where and when the satellite events would take place? 15 in Hvar, 16-17 in Zagreb? (summit 17-21 in Hvar). If something happens in Hvar on the 15th, is this when and where we could work on the "digital/smart island" theme?


Leina Mestrovic Tue 27 Feb 2018 11:47PM

Hi @daviddebelleville, nice to find you on Loomio:) We are planning pre-event in Zagreb in the time frame from 10 to 12th of April, and the rest of events are on Hvar, partners days should be two days before the summit, thus 16 to 17th on Hvar. Event ending on 15th at Hvar is just announcement, we have not yet received official confirmation about our participation as lecturers in sustainable tourism, or the rest of topic still negotiating with local administration.


David De Belleville Wed 28 Feb 2018 7:04AM

Thank you Leina for these clarifications. So on May 17, there a both a partner day and then the beginning of the summit. Happy to read udpates on the these satellite events. Cheers, D


Auli Kütt Wed 28 Feb 2018 8:10AM

just a clarification: essentially the dates of 17 and 21 were supposed to be for arrival and leaving, so we wouldn't place any core summit activities on those dates, the actual beginning should be the morning of 18th.


Leina Mestrovic Wed 28 Feb 2018 9:37AM

@daviddebelleville we shall create a web with the event content within few days, just working on it:) @auli until tomorrow I should be able to give you the first draft.


Benjamin Tincq Fri 2 Mar 2018 8:13PM

Thanks a lot for the update @auli ! I have not been to a summit in a while and I would love to join this one. I will actually be in Europe at that time, some stuff already planned on these dates but I'm trying to find a way to join. But it would probably be not more than 2 days ... so the question is: as the place is on an island, I imagine it takes some time to get there with the boat - do you have any estimate on that?

Thanks in advance!


Antonia Banović Sat 3 Mar 2018 10:16AM

Hey Benjamin! Too bad that you won't be able to stay longer: the island is really beautiful :slight_smile: But to answer your question: the island is 1h30min/ 2h away from the mainland town of Split (2nd largest city in Croatia) by catamaran ferry or ferry (ferry 4x per day, catamaran 1-2x per day). All info and ticketing coming most probably next week :)


Ehab Elia - Ouishare Thu 22 Mar 2018 3:03PM

Hello Guys, the registration is now live. The Summit team get up with the idea of a Free Donation option to be allocated to whom need support to be able to come.
** BOOK HERE☟** & Show your solidarity :)


Poll Created Wed 28 Mar 2018 10:01AM

Program Design Closed Sat 14 Apr 2018 10:02PM

by Ehab Elia - Ouishare Sun 29 Apr 2018 10:29PM

Hello guys, hope you all are doing great. A big thanks to the voters on the Summit program subjects. We finished the first phase which result is: Day1 subject is Strategy and Day2 subject is Personal interaction (maybe we could include in this one subject like communication and co-living. We will see #stayagile). We need to move to the next phase (duration a week) which consist of telling what do you mean by your initial vote. I invite to access this sheet and note beside your name what your vote means to you (ex. my answer on the sheet)? This phase will end the 30th of April. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WjrOcMwpRlOJbDi7Z7Bj9xMce8HQK5AvIvTyTVYX2G8/edit?usp=sharing

In order to prepare the summit program, we would love to choose two subjects in advance to focus on the first two days. A subject a day!
The aim is to go deeper on these two collectively chosen subjects (from abstraction to action plan). Each one of you has a number of points to distribute to the following options and you can also add your own subject. This the first time, I think, that we use this method here. So let's see what it value :)


Results Option % of points Points Mean Voters
Personal interactions 23.0% 31 1.1 28 F BJM DW JL A SR JM DL SH KMG SE TB AL A FM RP CS JSI Y
Strategy 21.5% 29 1.0 28 F DW AC JL SR DL EEO KMG RS CC MW TB AL MH V RP CS JSI Y
Governance 18.5% 25 0.9 28 DDB F JL A SR DL SH KMG RS CC MW SE TB AL A FM RP CS Y
Business 12.6% 17 0.6 28 DW AC JM EEO RS MW SE A MH RP JSI P Y
Global fund/budget 9.6% 13 0.5 28 F AC JL A EEO KMG RS CC SE AL FM CS P
Communication 6.7% 9 0.3 28 F BJM AC JL A EEO CC SE P
Co-living and co-working 3.7% 5 0.6 8 BJM DL P Y
Purpode lead or Non for profit Organizations 3.0% 4 0.3 15 SH RP JSI
Creative and cultural sector 1.5% 2 0.1 15 JSI P

29 of 304 people have voted (9%)


Thomas Dönnebrink Mon 2 Apr 2018 3:26PM

Community & communion


Thomas Dönnebrink Mon 2 Apr 2018 3:28PM

Community & communion


David De Belleville Mon 2 Apr 2018 7:22PM

5 - Governance
0 - Purpode lead or Non for profit Organizations
0 - Creative and cultural sector
0 - Personal interactions
0 - Global fund/budget
0 - Communication
0 - Business
0 - Co-living and co-working
0 - Strategy

not sure alumni vote should count as much as connector vote


Antonia Banović Thu 5 Apr 2018 7:37AM

Dear people, very much looking forward to have you here in Croatia!

---> Hurry up to get your tickets and book your transport options (more about how to get to the place here: http://summit.ouishare.net/hvar/getting-there/#jelsa ).

---> Also, a note that you can apply for travel stipends by April 15 here: https://goo.gl/forms/frp49Y61nDVL3HtK2

Cheers from Croatia! :wave: :slight_smile:


Fernanda Marin Mon 30 Apr 2018 8:44AM

Hello beautiful people! Less than a month to go for our amazing international summit!! Ready for the sun, paradisiac beaches and the full power of ouishare love? Don't forget to book your tickets asap!


Leina Mestrovic Tue 1 May 2018 12:43AM

Just want to add that booking can be done until this Sunday, 6th of May, so please hurry up with your ticket purchase.