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9/11/19 3pm: Pre-Debate Tweetstorm for Affordable Housing

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Unlike the 2016 election, housing is poised to become a campaign issue and this impressive, well-organized coalition is laying out the issue in a series of tweets prepackaged as Tweetstream today at 3pm.

Whether you participate or not, curious to know whether anyone on this list is developing apps to address the problems described or whether they'd like to. Welcome comments below or to [email protected] or 617-661-4046.

Join Pre-Debate Tweetstorm for Affordable Housing
Today at 3:00 p.m.

Tomorrow night in Houston, Texas, ten candidates will take the stage for the third Democratic presidential debate. Most of these candidates have released plans or proposals to address the nation’s growing housing affordability crisis. Will the moderators ask the candidates about their proposed solutions to the housing crisis in America? Will the candidates find a way to bring up their affordable housing proposals? Join NLIHC and our Our Homes, Our Votes 2020 partners this afternoon for a tweetstorm urging them to do so!


For information on all of the presidential candidates’ positions on affordable housing, go to: https://www.ourhomes-ourvotes.org/


Bill Wendel Wed 11 Sep 2019 4:19PM

@joebeckmann who brings a wealth of experience and perspective on which levers to pull in different times and places, authorized me to share his response and invites others to do the same. If anyone on #RE2020 is participating in the RESO -- Real Estate Standards Organization -- Fall meeting in St. Louis, are they addressing any topics or proposals that would address affordable housing? (Any other HOT topics you'd like to share in another thread?)

"The problem with affordable housing as an "issue" is that it obscures many others. Advocates still push rent control, which didn't work from the 1930's. Their opponents defend "market pricing" which works just as badly. In Europe and Asia they recognize that ownership - in part or in whole, for short or for long term - is the only vehicle to protect stability in residence for anyone at any income. Seniors are secure since their property has risen well beyond any residual mortgage; co-op owners are secure since they participate in the responsibilities of ownership, either financially or in-kind; and limited equity owners are secure since the "buy-out" would seriously undermine the greed of the other owners.

If "affordable housing" is to be an issue, it MUST address those alternatives or it will continue to obscure the underlying issue of "equity," which works as both equality and cash value.

Finally, I can't play on Tweets since somehow I got thrown off the platform. Good luck, but keep in mind that the housing issue is, while not complicated, vastly over-simplified by the dialog impending."