Wed 26 Jul 2017 4:52AM

How can we better promote / "harness" the POWER of PATREON?

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How can we better promote our PATREON presence? A place to freely share your ideas. b/c of our South Korean HQ, it looks like we FINALLY got the payment protocol in place.


1st of the month fingers crossed

Now, with THREE (3) official PATRONS, we're generating approx. $150 CHARITY / year

Our short term goal is to reach $200!

ANNUAL $50 donations to :

1) John Ford, 2) Carolyn Rose Goya, 3) James Hydrick, and 4) Richard Whipple


We've been in touch w/ some Patreon insiders, ppl working quietly behind the scenes. Exciting times!


Johnny Canuck Tue 26 Sep 2017 3:28AM

Keep your "PREMIUM" content coming out regularly. 3 Patrons is a LOT better than none. HALF of ALL profit going directly to charity is a great idea! https://www.patreon.com/WPRPN