Thu 5 Sep 2019 3:49PM

reviewing the Talent Directory

JN Jez Nicholson Public Seen by 55

@garethrl is taking a fresh look at the Talent Directory with his newly-minted Director's eyes. We are growing the process organically so it may be just enough...or it may need improvement. I just sent out an ITT email, so updated https://osmuk.org/join-our-talent-directory/ to detail the process a little better (and maybe help Gareth). Your comments about the Talent Directory are always appreciated


Gregory Marler (former Director) Tue 10 Sep 2019 6:41AM

It's really good that most (all?) ITTs have included a budget or budget guideline. Not only does it help them get good tenders, it also let's the talent know how long (if at all) they should spend on writing their bid.

You might want to consider including a deadline or suggestion on date to reply by. Could be a week or 2 by default. I doubt this would be strict for most orgs. If you reply after deadline you can know they might have selected already. If talent is too late for the deadline they can put in a quick "are you still looking, would you like my bid still" email.

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