Crowdfunding for the I-80 (Boston/NYC-Sacramento) Caravan?

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Organizers in the Northeast are trying to set up a Caravan from Boston and NYC to Sacramento. We'd probably leave around June 26th. The main things are that a) we need more drivers and b) we'll probably need funds to get us there.

The question is: should we set up a crowdfund for the caravan? It would help defray the costs for gas.


Tricia Fri 16 May 2014 7:03PM

Good idea. The caravan is as popular an idea as the gathering itself. Using a different funding platform for gas and supplies will be useful. The money going to the AfGJ can be dedicated to needs while in Sacramento.
You'd probably need a good video.


Jackie Fri 16 May 2014 7:48PM

Great question, and one that needs deciding asap, (like three months ago, really.)

I think early alignment (but no formal proposal or decision) on the idea of the general fund supporting on the ground necessities, and all other projects needing to fund raise independently.

However, we since found out that there could be a pull-down area on the AFGJ donation page where folks could allocate their donation to a specific project. So it is within our grasp to have a ready made donation spot for a or all caravans. (or other projects)

To my knowledge, there is no energy, desire or commitment from anyone in the finance group to handle finance decisions for, or disbursement to projects. It will be complex enough to just deal with on the ground funds.
However, I am sure that between finance and admin, we can keep online track of it.

Actual decisions on whether to use this option or set up an independent crowdsource, how to disburse funds, to whom to disburse funds and how would have to be done by the project organizers or finance group.

For the caravans, I set up some pads and a suggested organizing to do list at line 52 of this doc:
NatGat3 Caravans Main Pad

here's how far we got with crowdsourcing funds on the
finance wg agenda:
Crowdsource sites
needed for:
- Caravan?
- concert?
- racism training
- food (this would be under general fund not independent-js)
- permits/venue rental (this would be under general fund not independent-js)
- swag (needed by early July for promotional purposes)

I'm glad we have this discussion for the whole group to be aware and up to speed on finances. Would then take the work over to Caravans or Finance subgroups.



Jackie Fri 16 May 2014 8:50PM

Never mind Caravans and Rideshares subgroup - I see you got another subgroup going for I-80.

there’s an empty pad ready for that route if needed.
I-80 NE-BOS-NYC-Grove City, PA-Iowa City-Des Moines-Laramie, WY-Reno, NV-Sacramento


Sea Sat 17 May 2014 6:50PM

Assuming we get the money (and its starting to come in) I-80 Caravan might know people in I-10 Caravan. The latter comes in through So Cal where we have an offer of fresh organic food. See the Food and Water Group and the Intro and Icebreakers discussion. Its possible that we could also help Julia Clark bring her trailer from South Mississippi.

The intensity is mounting in Sacramento. Its a very real possibility that Julia could set up a week or two early so that we'd have an onsite, real-time office. And those also coming from the South could bring the food from Ojai. Sally put Ojai on the Caravan map.


Sally G Sun 18 May 2014 4:00AM

Do we have cities along the I-10 route? Onto the map, if so!


Julia Clark Mon 19 May 2014 4:08PM

Remember the JCOrg has a caravan with chuckwagon, mobile office, and power station. Please keep it in mind and give a sister some guidance.


Jackie Mon 19 May 2014 5:54PM

I thought this discussion is about crowdfunding. Any decisons on that from caravans?

Sounds like a crowdfund was set up?:
"Assuming we get the money (and its starting to come in)"


Julia Clark Mon 19 May 2014 6:24PM

I have heard or read no thing about crowd funding at the moment other than here.

I did tap an old advertising agency associate of mine, he won an Addy on one of the campaigns of something related to me. I do not recall. I do recall an Addy is something nifty.

He very much has his head in the Occupation Zone.

Other than that on the back burner, I am flying by the seat of my pants.

I thought we has spoken about putting a link on the main NATGAT pages for associated groups , but frankly, I do not feel polished enough.


Tricia Mon 19 May 2014 7:25PM

I think Occupy Madison's tiny homes project is the most successful crowd funding campaign I've seen come out of Occupy. It's an indegogo.


All of these things need a video.... Do you know anyone who can put a quick video together for you


Daniel Hong Tue 20 May 2014 3:29PM

@mileswilkerson Did you mean July 26, not June 26?

As I said before, I have experience in creating Indiegogo campaigns. If caravan organizers contact me personally, I can set up a plan of how I can get involved.

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