Methods for launching and distributing QSES

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The goal of the SESP project is to reach as many social enterprises across the state as possible.
In this thread we invite you to contribute ideas for launching and distributing the QSES.

  1. How can we capitalise on the vast Navigator Group networks to encourage as many QLD SEs as possible to take the time to complete the survey?
  2. How long should the survey remain open?
  3. The SESP project winds up in October - how will the data gathering continue?

Rena Frohman Mon 1 Jul 2019 10:42PM

Thanks for the suggestion @luketerry . I completely agree that the personal request to complete the survey will encourage greater participation. I dislike using the guilt factor but recognise its value.
I'm not sure about the 10-day window. Queensland is such a big state with so many diverse players that ten days might lead to voices not being heard. We will add this perspective into the mix when we have our working bee next week.
If you have time could you look at Part 1 of the Draft Survey (Task 2.2). We are trying to limit this to a 5-minute survey? It would be great to have your perspective on the length and whether it is easy to use.


Dr. Crystal Williams Tue 2 Jul 2019 11:19PM

@luketerry I understand what you are saying, yes having that personal touch certainly increases response rates. Unfortunately, the time to fill out surveys manually and or input the data manually is not an option for this survey. We are limited by resources to do so. Definitely, sending personal written emails with a link to the survey will be more effective than placing links in general newsletters or websites. So if Navigators choose this option, we can have a draft email written for you to use, how does that sound? You can add your own personal touches to it.


Dr. Crystal Williams Tue 2 Jul 2019 11:23PM

Thank's @mathewtownsend I will ensure it is clear:
question 17: be sure its clear if some are charity organisation. If it is registered with ACNC, all profits must be under 50%.


Mathew Townsend Wed 3 Jul 2019 11:20PM

@crystalwilliams1 Yes you are correct. That is right, need to find link from the ACNC website mentioning that. In regards of writing this strategy we need resources. Make sure it is linked.


Rena Frohman Tue 16 Jul 2019 6:09AM

Thank you for providing suggestions on how to launch and promote the State of Impact (2019) Survey. During our Working Bee last week, the SESP Project Management Team and Governance Group discussed advantages and disadvantages of different durations. These criteria influenced our decision-making process regarding the launch:
1. This first-time survey for Queensland Social Enterprise will be repeated in future. We can use this first iteration, as a learning experience about what works well and what adjustments need to be made for 2020.
2. We’d like to include as many voices as possible which means distribution across Queensland to the diverse Social Enterprise groups may take more time.
3. Our goal is to have 100 responses (total) to create a credible baseline for future comparisons.
4. The Unconference will provide an excellent opportunity for survey completion and re-distribution if the sample size small at that point in time.
Based on these criteria, we’ve decided to keep the survey open until at least 1 week after the Unconference (with a pencilled in closing date as Friday 30 August). Once we know how we are doing we will have a second round of communications to let potential participants know the survey is closing soon.
The SESP Project Management Team will provide an overview of the data we are collecting at the Unconference and at Webinar 5, Friday 6 September.
So now we really need you, the SESP Navigators, to help us with this part of the project. Please join in this action to build a better understanding of who we are and how we are doing in the Queensland Social Enterprise sector by completing two actions when we launch the survey on the 18th of July:
1. IF you are working for a Social Enterprise, please complete the Survey BEFORE 22 August (Unconference starts on the 23rd!).
2. Help us disseminate the survey to your contacts and through your social media channels. We'll send links and comms on Thursday.
Thanks again for working with us on the Social Enterprise Stand-up Project.