Feature request: commenting improvements

I Itamar Public Seen by 62

Threads that support nested comments and are set up to show comments "newest first" create a disorienting user experience since the sorting only applies to the root level comments.

Therefore, root level comments show up newest --> oldest, whereas responses to those comments show up oldest --> newest. (See a good example in https://www.loomio.org/d/E8rs3vai/call-for-new-pods-?p=19)

So time moves in one direction at one level, and in a different direction at another. Coupled with the very nuanced visual distinction between comment and response to a comment (simple indentation), the user experience is not ideal.

Potential solutions:

  1. Apply sorting logic to all levels of comments

  2. Prevent changing the sorting logic in threads that support nested comments (only oldest-->newest allowed)

  3. Render comments threads in "collapsed mode" (similar to the way they show up in Slack in the main channel view)

    My personal vote will be for 2+3.

P.S. feel free to merge this with a master thread regarding commenting improvements. I wasn't able to find an open one.