Sat 7 Nov 2020 8:20PM

Please share the volunteer sign-up form URL widely

BC Bruce Caron Public Seen by 11

In the run-up to our selecting new advisory council members, we should get the word out about volunteering for a chance to be selected (at random). Please add this link to Tweets and other social media this month in particular. Here is the link to the volunteer form: https://bit.ly/2S4DwPI


Christopher Jackson Sun 8 Nov 2020 7:04AM

Thanks @Bruce Caron! Will do. As mentioned, it’s my view that quite a bit needs fixing before we hand things over. I need to check in with CDL and Janeway, given they had some sort of meeting on the 5th, right?


Tom Narock Mon 9 Nov 2020 4:04PM

There are also a few non Advisory Council roles that could use volunteers. One is the monthly email digest. With COS, we generated a monthly summary of number of preprints submitted and on which topics. We had about 200 people sign up to get this monthly summary via email. We're still in the process of getting this up and running again at CDL. Probably around January 2021 we'll need someone to take on the role of running the monthly email digest. There's also the Twitter/Facebook accounts. I'm not sure if the people in those roles are continuing. Just wanted to highlight the communication and outreach roles and the need to look for volunteers in those areas as well.