Wed 3 May 2017 3:10PM

Evolving our values, commitment, and structure

DS Danny Spitzberg Public Seen by 101

Hi all,

Process is important, and so is action. We have a lot going on, and could all benefit from clear and transparent ways of getting things done.

For example: do we support Brenda Tracy's petition for Twitter to do a massive shut-down of accounts that threaten rape? See her tweet here: https://twitter.com/brendatracy24/status/858064950769491968

Or, for example: current efforts include web design, tweeting, organizing around the May 22nd meeting, and planning for the future.

Let's talk about it. I'm not a process consultant, and I'm far to deep in the details right now to facilitate our evolution for more meaningful participation, from simple retweeting to complex business analysis.

Who has thoughts and feelings about this?


Camille Emefa Acey Thu 4 May 2017 4:52PM

Maybe start by defining what this group is? Is there a mission statement or anything?