Mon 11 Nov 2013 12:27AM

moving forward on my plant to fuel processes

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by the end of the winter I should have a full write up and followable plan to make nearly all plastics and a number of electronic material replacements using plastic instead of the harsh dangerous chemicals we use today for making electronic parts from, with added advantages, all that can be made with start up chemicals and supplies to allow us to build the needed systems from naturally occurring resources in our surrounding environment so as to become self sufficient. The one step anyone here who wants to help with would be figuring out what plants can and which ones can not be digested by yeast, I think Oak tree parts would be possible no's on that list as the tannic acid I think will kill the yeast. The first step on this process is to be able to produce alcohol from a variety of plant mass materials while extracting the remaining biomass from the yeast tank to use as nearly complete compost for growing more plants.

I am looking at using Kudzu, due to its incredibly fast nature to convert carbon from the air into plant mass, so it will make a solid air scrubbing system, lowering the carbon emissions and turning them into something useful since it can be eaten by both human and animal stock, (I think the chickens can eat the seeds and I am sure it will produce a large quantity of them)

The important thing to be considered with Kudzu is containment as once it gets loose it will destroy everything by growing all over it, so a place that has a good yearly freeze is required as that is the only thing it can not over come. seeds die, roots die, so it will have to either be maintained in a green house in those portions of the years allowing nature to cut it down to a manageable level each winter, or gather seeds and save them in the warmth of our homes during the winter months, and replant each year. So this is not a good plant to chose from for say a group planning on starting up in say florida or geogia. (though chances are there will be plenty of it nearby already that could be harvested both to be paid for controlling it, and to convert it into useable resources that will constantly replenish itself,)

anyone wanting to discuss this further let me know.


Thomas A. Anderson Mon 11 Nov 2013 12:29AM

this system will include a processing facility for recycling 100% of the plastics made by it, as well as a lot of the trash plastics we may encounter, so that it can be removed from the environment.


Xich Quy Mon 11 Nov 2013 3:19AM

brilliant. look into hemp: 85% oil by volume, edible, many uses, etc.. We can now grow it in Colorado.


Thomas A. Anderson Mon 11 Nov 2013 4:32AM

Hemp is well known for its uses but I think we need to diversify what we use for things, for one thing Hemp will not grow a foot a day. the per day poundage Kudzu can produce and the amount of substances for converting to fuel are showing themselves to be staggering, and I am betting if we compare nutrients side by side we are going to find that hemp and kudzu in a diet actually compliment each other much the way amino acids in beans and rice compliment each other to make complete proteins. It definitely warrants investigation,. additionally if we can find plants that are a nuisance and use them for something important, they stop being a nuisance and become very valuable. :)


Thomas A. Anderson Mon 11 Nov 2013 5:46PM

oh and it should be known that NM and AZ my original intended targets for relocating to set up something like this, probably should be X'd off the list, due to the radiation levels coming from fukashima unfortunately. Even the elevated radiation levels from the granite in colorado would be preferable to their rise of 40% over the normal levels since fukashima had that accident and dumped all that radiation, This stuff is both in the water and the air via evaporation so anything close to the rockies is probably not a good idea, the further east the better.,

another plant to be looked at more for construction purposes might be

combining it with Hemp fibers for rope we could be constructing stuff like seen here
in no time flat, and bring a decent amount of small rope/large string would allow using it to construct all sorts of things quickly like frames for green houses, with more complex stuff later from larger crops of it that can be planted on any ground and let grow to use it as there will be sure to be land that is along roads and such that we could use with out owning it