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ECA Madrid: EMBODIED COMMONS workgroup - Health, Food, Land, Recreation

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This group is setup to start coordination towards the

MADRID ECA coinciding with the TransEuropa Festival from 25th-29th October 2017

with a focus on the Embodied Commons workshop:

(2017/09/20 version but might change as we advance plans)

"This workshop takes a holistic view of health creation to include also food production and distribution as well as sport and leisure activities. It will address the different determinants of our physical and mental condition, based on social justice, solidarity economy, and respect to biophysical limits of ecosystems. The commons approach underlines the importance of self-organised, locally rooted, inclusive and resilient community networks and civic spaces in order to re-think the practices and the development of public policy-making in this domain.
Participants have experience and are interested in the interrelationship at all points of the journey from “Land to Fork”, including access to land, nutrition, food sovereignty, cultivation, etc.; new forms of distribution, including for recycling; access to medical knowledge and patient-guided health policies and services; democratization of healthcare and self-organization of citizen efforts to reduce bureaucratic hurdles; and reclaiming the field for grassroots sports while challenging norms to inspire new models of recreation."
From: http://EuropeanCommonsAssembly.eu/overview-of-thematic-working-groups/


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OK to work here on Embodied Commons? Closed Sun 24 Sep 2017 11:36AM

by Z. Blace Sun 24 Sep 2017 9:54PM

OK - the results are in :-)
Looks like 9 people Agree, 3 Abstain...
Think that is good number as we also hope that this working group has much more then minimum quota (likely to be something like at least 5 people from 3 or more different organizations of at least 2 countries)...
I <3 LOVE Love love - that we do not fully agree, but that 3 other people did not Block or strongly Oppose using Loomio!

please confirm here you are OK with using this loomio sub-group/discussion thread as primary environment for coordinating this working group on Embodied Commons!


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Z. Blace
Thu 21 Sep 2017 9:40AM

I am all up for it as it also has email interface next to this web service of loomio, but for collaborative writing and live chats we will use other services also


Anna Harris Thu 21 Sep 2017 2:47PM

I wasn't at the workshop but am interested to join a group on this topic.


Z. Blace Thu 21 Sep 2017 2:58PM

Anna LOOMIO is bit confusing interface...so it is not obvious that this workshop/workgroup is only to form now for occasion of MADRID ECA Oct25-29 ;-)


Anna Harris Thu 21 Sep 2017 3:01PM

Thank you Zeljko for the clarification.


Timothy Flitcroft Sun 24 Sep 2017 1:24PM

I would like to see Land in the title of this Commons. Access to land is a fundamental aspect of the commons and it is stated in the description as being causally connected to nutrition & hence to health. I see land health and food & water as all depending on each other. Sport and leisure altho aspects of well being do not have the same causal relationship.in fact I think Culture is more related as food eating habits are often more cultural than health based.


Z. Blace Sun 24 Sep 2017 9:59PM

hm... @timothyflitcroft I would not strongly object if you would formulate it in a way that it does not open a gap for then further including fresh air, water, sun light, biosphere...until I see this I would prefer we do not continue expanding as we already might have issues finding enough common grounds to act on each of these together.


Timothy Flitcroft Sun 24 Sep 2017 10:48PM

Hi Zeljko

Thankyou for your prompt reply.

Therein lies the rub in your question. How do we frame up what commons are put together in one group. I would prefer to see it on the basis of commons that do actually depend on each other for their continuance whatever those were, rather than an arbitrary concept like embodied which although it might work as a category does not work as an actual framework of related commons.

I would have preferred to see a frame more like sustenance.From my point of view all resources that contribute towards sustenance like water and sun, fresh air, biosphere are intimately linked in a way that sport and leisure are not in the sense as they are not necessary for survival.

From another point of view I think all resources are interrelated but to have meaningful discussions you have to start focus somewhere.

So my question to you would be what is the rationale for combining the commons of health, food, sport and leisure? Why is culture not included for instance? Why is land not part of the title - including land access - when it clearly is in the description of what the group does. I have to say as the grouping stands I see little common grounds between the say sport and food.

In Commons Rising in the UK when faced with similar problems of how to frame up a conference we simply left it as Land, Food and Health for simplicity as a starting point. We did consider including environment/Pollution and exercise and meditation etc as additional possibilities but did not centre it around those. In fact someone did give a useful talk on herbalism which was not in the title but fitted in with it.
So in the same spirit I would like to see Land in the title and if someone did want to talk about water or sunlight I would not be upset.

I am sorry i was not able to be part of the point people telephone conversation - f I had i would certainly have brought these points up there.I think the problem is I have not had it explained to me the rationale for an embodied commons as a useful framework. It may be there is another point group in which the land commons is a part. It may also be it is a much bigger issue in the UK where 70% of land is 0.6% of the population where the effects of land ownership can clearly be seen to contribute to the high price of land and low price /low quality of food we have in the UK and the consequent historical problem of poor diet and health.

Perhaps we should open this discussion to others as they may have useful insights and contributions

Best Wishes



Myriam Bouré Mon 25 Sep 2017 8:32AM

Hi there ! I didn't yet got involved in the ECA but I'm working on Open Food Network, a global common for food distribution, enabling and supporting the emergence of a diversity of local food hubs driven by producers and/or eaters. I just thought it might be the time for me to connect and see if that makes sense for us to be part of that conversation, as we are working on commons digital infrastructure and common knowledge for food sovereignty... I also started this project on shared food data to build mutualized logistics solution for local food systems : http://datafoodconsortium.org, let me know if that's useful for me to join the ECA dynamic ;-) Cheers !


Kitty de Bruin Wed 27 Sep 2017 5:10AM

brillant concept Myriam i'm doing the website for transition france and i would like to make a link to the website of datafoodconsortium ( i know some people of the ruche qui dit oui) and did a workshop for the FAT2017

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