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Unicorn Onboarding Process

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Onboarding to The Unicorn DAC

Phase 1: Recruitment

  • Collaborators find us, or we find them, or are referred through community connections
  • Join Contributors room and fill out the Giveth Maker form

Phase 2: Experience in the Giveth Galaxy

  • Hang out on riot
  • Attend at least one gov meeting
  • Attend Roles meeting
  • Contribute
  • Make a milestone and complete it to “Paid”
  • Giveth culture training (yet to be determined - potentially an NVC class)
  • Read the mission statement, manifesto, explore wiki and medium
  • Identify at least 2 givethers who are close to your work. They will ask around within the DAC and test the waters to get a prelim idea if you will be voted in or not. This is an important step before moving to the Commitment Circle.

Phase 3: Commitment Circle

  1. Choose 3 Unicorns to commit to. (Very likely will be the 2 chosen above, plus onboarding person) They: a) Know your work well. b) Interact with your roles. c) Hear your intention and commitment (and have documented). d) Are folks you can check in with re: your roles and progress. e) Will be present at any appraisals/evaluations of your work/roles.
  2. Meet with these 3 people.
  3. The commitment circle mtg begins with a wholeness practice, grounding, centering in to the place of deep care that brings and keeps us all at Giveth.
  4. Confirm that the above steps of recruitment and experience in the galaxy have happened.
  5. Answer these two questions: a) What is your sense of your life trajectory? How could working here fit with what you sense you are called to be and to do in the world? b) What aspect of the Giveth purpose resonates with you? What unique talents and gifts could you contribute to Giveth’s journey?
  6. Confirm you have read and agree to: a) Mission statement b) Manifesto c) Advice process d) Conflict resolution process e) Milestone tutorial If there is no written agreement, this meeting will be recorded.
  7. Present your roles (in Roles Spreadsheet format) to the circle and make clear your commitments.
  8. Agree to/set a date for evaluation/appraisal meeting in the future. For example: “We agree that if it hasn’t happened organically in the roles meeting already, we will evaluate my roles after 10 years.” ;-P (Jk, probably like 6 months)

Phase 4: Nuts and Bolts

  • Add your role(s) to the Roles Sheet
  • Add your address to the Verified Addresses Doc
  • Schedule any orientation pieces like NVC class
  • Install and get oriented to any tools we use like Zenhub
  • Get public wallet address, metamask, hardware wallet etc set up
  • Ensure you are in all the relevant riot rooms
  • Potentially get @giveth.io email addy

Phase 5: Vote

  • We hold a vote on loomio (until we can do this on Aragon) and there is a better than a 2/3rds majority consensus for the new Unicorn to join the DAC.
    • with a 50% quorum once quorum is reached the vote has 48 hours before it is complete. This is an interesting model… if you are a no vote, the strategy would be to wait for the yes’s to reach over 50% and then start the no campaign. So there should be a 48 hour time clock that starts after the yes’s reach over 50% for no’s to have time to vote. This is nice as most unicorns will be admitted into the DAC with 100% consensus and the people that would have voted no will actually just not vote and they will not be politically “embarrassed” by voting against the herd, which would align them For example these would be Winning votes: 6 total unicorns - 4 vote - 3 say yes - 1 says no 10 total unicorns - 6 vote - 5 say yes - 1 says no 11 total unicorns - 6 vote - 5 say yes - 1 says no 30 total unicorns - 16 vote - 16 say yes - 0 say no 30 total unicorns - 16 vote - 11 say yes - 5 say no 30 total unicorns - 23 vote - 16 say yes - 7 say no For example these would be Losing votes: 6 total unicorns - 3 vote - 3 say yes - 0 say no (no quorum) 10 total unicorns - 9 vote - 6 say yes - 3 say no (not better than 2/3rds majority) 30 total unicorns - 15 vote - 15 say yes - 0 say no (no quorum) 30 total unicorns - 16 vote - 10 say yes - 6 say no (not better than 2/3rds majority) 30 total unicorns - 24 vote - 16 say yes - 8 say no (not better than 2/3rds majority)

Phase 6: Congratulations and Welcome!

You receive your Unicorn Horn :) OR, if this month it is not yet the right fit to welcome you as a Unicorn, you may continue to revisit this process in the future.

Note: phases 1&2 can happen in switched order, as can phases 4 & 5. Most of the nuts and bolts will be taken care of at different points throughout this process, and since there are so many pieces to secure, it’s important to have someone who serves as the point person for this part of the Unicorn DAC (chases down/supports new unicorns thru onboarding pieces). For the time being, I nominate myself, Loie, as I am excited and invested in this experiment! But super happy to hear if others are interested in helping steward parts of this process as they become attuned to it.
ps: enjoy my sketchbook version if you like 😝 obviously not as inclusive as the text but perhaps you are like me and need a visual map __^


Kay Mon 24 Sep 2018 12:59PM

I need to give this a heavy review yet, because the process is quite detailed and contains many new points. It's a great starting point - thanks Lorelei. Looking forward to the discussion.

Edit: What is an NVC class - officially NVC is National Visa Center


Dani Mon 24 Sep 2018 3:32PM

Hi Kay, NVC in this context is Non-Violent Communication, the original version of what has expanded globally to include "Compassionate Communication" in community development, and "Collaborative Communication" in a more business-centric form.

There are lots of resources online under all three of this contexts but the framework is the same, summarized neatly in this quote from the founder, who conceived this in the 60's: "NVC guides us to reframe how we express ourselves and how we hear others. Instead of habitual, automatic reactions, our words become conscious responses based firmly on awareness of what we perceive, feel and want in that moment.

Within the framework of NVC, we’re led to express ourselves with honesty and clarity, while simultaneously paying others a respectful and empathic attention. In any exchange, we come to hear our own deeper needs and those of others. NVC trains us to observe carefully, and to specify behaviors and conditions that are affecting us. The form is simple, yet powerfully transformative."


Loie Tue 25 Sep 2018 1:48PM

Thanks for catching that Kay and Dani! I forgot it's not in everybody's vocabulary, and Kay you are right google is not very helpful with that acronym 😝


Pol Lanski Tue 25 Sep 2018 5:22PM

I love it! Very comprehensive. Although, one thing I'm missing is... what is it to be a Unicorn? Is it a person paid by Giveth? A "core contributor"? What defines the membrane that separates the unicorn group?


Loie Thu 27 Sep 2018 2:23PM

This process is a part of a larger proposal: The Unicorn DAC, a governance experiment in which we give those onboarded to the DAC an amount of ether each week specifically for them to delegate to other milestones in giveth (as a way of splitting the decision making/prioritization power across more givethers so that it's not just a couple people holding all the strong influence. There's more to the Unicorn DAC but it'll be addressed later on, this week we are focused on detailing out this important piece of it!


Kris is Thu 27 Sep 2018 5:43PM

Thanks for this great write-up loie!
Definitely supporting you for this role.
Some little points of feedback below.

Phase 3:
- Wouldn't call it a circle, but a meeting to keep terms clear :)
- I'd propose we go through this process with us as well, the current unicorns
- For every meeting it would be good to have the lead (loie) be part of it to guide them + take notes - so we actually have a little interview with the people on our wiki
- Point 6: confirm you will attend ALL role meetings & participate in the process to update your projects ànd vote -- to me it's a crucial one, otherwise that process won't work

Phase 5:
- Prob best to do anonymous voting, so people will dare to vote? We'd just need a separate loomio group with the accepted unicorns
- Will it be part of your role loie to organize this voting? Otherwise it will not happen

Other Qs/remarks:
- How do we take people off the unicorn system?
- I'd propose to make this part of a governance funding/donation proposal. So we link a Unicorn basic income to this as soon as we have secured funding for it. It's a great governance experiment to document & get funded.


Loie Thu 27 Sep 2018 7:57PM

This is great Kris!
- In my restorative justice days all meetings were called circles. It's an old habit of mine haha. I do like it because it reminds us that this is something that will continue to exist, that circle of people in the meeting will always be a sort of specialized guild the Unicorn can revisit. But i'm TOTALLY down for changing the name I definitely considered earlier it might need to be called something else because of not making sense to everybody.
- DEFINITELY want each and every one of "us" to go thru it... anyone who is in the DAC will have gone thru this process.
- very on board ( 😉) myself with the plan of me being present consistently to document and facilitate.
- can you make a write up of the roles process? something that explains the format of the roles meeting, and how to interact with the sheet and vote before the meeting. then that can go on the wiki and be one of the agreements people have to sign on to to become a Unicorn (side note: I too need to put a write up of the conflict resolution process on the wiki. )
- anon voting yes.
- Yep, i consider organizing the vote to be one of the crucial "Nuts and Bolts" pieces for exactly that reason - if there isn't one person that owns this responsibility, it won't happen.
- i responded in riot about offboarding but i'll also put this here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FXCGaN9N1QLU-XQ9q1P4k1bv-ShXEDpfWPLh0bMQJ1A/edit?usp=sharing
- I'm not sure I 100% understand what you are saying about UBI here. I think i'm on the same page but let's talk more. maybe you can elaborate here? Do you mean a UBI that is separate from the delegation funds that are allotted as proposed for the Unicorn DAC? You're talking about a new proposal right?