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Interesting news and information

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I'm starting this as a thread for items of interest. They may not be immediately relevant, but I hope this will build up over time to be a useful pool of information.


Sonia Corbett Wed 22 Mar 2017 1:09AM

I discovered this current PledgeMe project that may give us some inspiration or ideas: https://www.pledgeme.co.nz/projects/5055-otakaro-orchard-phase-1-build-an-edible-park-for-christchurch

This is about PledgeMe Equity, the crowdfunding programme for raising equity finance (i.e. shares), which I think we may be able to use for a co-operative housing project: https://www.pledgeme.co.nz/about/equity


Denyse Kinraid Sat 29 Apr 2017 12:36AM

Hi Sonia
I found this on Radionz mid April on Cohousing. Sounds interesting.
http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/ninetonoon/audio/201840791/cohousing-the-solution-to-a-crisis :star:


Jace Hobbs Sat 29 Apr 2017 10:51PM

I am heartened to hear of this sister project going on. I suggest we contact them asap and confer on their structure. They sound well along in the process and the wheel will have been invented. What say you, trusty group?


Denyse Kinraid Sun 30 Apr 2017 10:02PM

Hi Jace I will get onto this in few days. There is something else on Radionz this morning on co-housing and I will put link up plus bit of info which is helpful I think for immediate info. Haven't caught up with latest in Nelson housing group yet.
Cheers Denyse 1 May '17


Jutta Kanuka Sun 30 Apr 2017 7:03PM

yes fantastic these people are onto it!!!
i am away in germany for a while...good to hear our group is still going!


Denyse Kinraid Sun 30 Apr 2017 9:52PM

It seems that we have to date our own comments. I would like to know dates to keep track. Loomio only talks about hours and days. I want to know exactly. Jutta in Germany, Guten Tag, Wie geht es dir? Sonia see you, hope all's going good. Cheers Denyse 1 May '17


Jutta Kanuka Mon 1 May 2017 8:13PM

hi everyone
there waas an article in nn paper i think zesterday on Seddon Marchall a previous councillor who wnts to promotes changes of regulations to have tiny houses in your backyard. he is having meetings with nn and tasman council..

i am off today to germany
enjoy this beautiful autumn


Denyse Kinraid Tue 2 May 2017 10:21PM

So you are leaving us. Make sure you come back or else! - I won't be able to have a drink and cake and chat with you and hear about it will I. When you come back and have recovered from jetlag then perhaps we can regroup and catch up with what's been happening, see each other again, also invite any others to come and reconnect or just meet and feed info in etc etc. How about that Jutta? Kia pai te haere. :nz:


Jutta Kanuka Thu 4 May 2017 10:36AM

that sounds good!!! thank you for your message and i will be in touch when i am back.

love love love


Denyse Kinraid Sun 11 Jun 2017 11:14PM

A piece on 'affordable' housing in Auckland. Just putting this as background to the problems and what others are doing about NZ housing for average people in general. Getting land at low-reasonable cost is difficult.

A $140 million housing project on council land in Manukau has hit a snag on the eve of Auckland Mayor Phil Goff releasing a major report to tackle the city's housing crisis.
The council's development arm is being blamed by New Zealand Housing Foundation chief executive Paul Gilberd for wanting too much for the land, where hundreds of homes, including more than 100 affordable homes, are planned....
He said the foundation offered $13m for the land but Panuku Development Auckland wanted $24m, making affordable homes too expensive.

Sources have told the Herald the project has not collapsed, the foundation remains committed and negotiations are continuing to bridge the gap between making a financial return for ratepayers on the 5.1ha vacant site near the Manukau City Centre and delivering affordable housing. (Also apparently there is a problem in that there is a monpoly/cartel situation for materials and prices for timber etc are inflated, and could be cheaper in Oz.)

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