Edible Eastbourne - ethos, values, principles

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What suggestions do you have for the ethos and purpose of Edible Eastbourne?


Sunny Soleil Wed 26 Feb 2014 1:30PM

Incorporate Permaculture Ethics
Earth Care People Care Fair Share

Building local resilience by making more fresh food available locally
Helping the less fortunate? to have access to free or low cost fresh fruit and veggies
Leaving a legacy to the future by creating perennial food forests

just for starters.. and now i'm late for my appt.


Fiona Durling Thu 27 Feb 2014 8:16PM

Three important aims from Sunny
Looking at other local food growing organisations. Eg Edible Todmorden. Common Cause Lewes there are two main objectives.
A) To assist people around the Eastbourne area to develop local community food growing and gardening inititaves on under used community land.
B)To co-ordinate with existing community groups and offical organisations to increase the amount of local sustainably produced eaten in the area.Stimulating food production in Sussex means improving the image of work and training in agriculture and horticulture.


Poll Created Thu 27 Feb 2014 8:30PM

Ideas for Edible Eastbourne launch night Closed Sun 2 Mar 2014 8:01PM

Showing the Edible Todmorden film by haymedia from the Tod web site would be a good introduction. This is 7 minutes long. We could ask Helen Meade from chances for change to talk briefly about Tod. Also we could ask Sheila and Sue to introduce their community garden. And Mathew 25.
Invitations could be made to a couple of local garden centres to have a stall ,perhaps focusing on sustainable container growing


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Spencer Ede
Thu 27 Feb 2014 8:46PM

The Town Team too maybe and possibly the Eastbourne Allotment Society (the plot share ones anyway)?


Sally Boys
Thu 27 Feb 2014 9:13PM

just looked at Fiona's proposal for E E launch and think it would be highly desirable to have a little film show with spotlight on Edible Todmorden totally appropriate! Any information on current community gardens also important.


Andrew Durling
Thu 27 Feb 2014 10:47PM

Yes, excellent proposal! I also like Spencer's allotment idea. Getting the allotment people to say a few words makes the valid point that what they do also helps increase Eastbourne's food security & resilience.


Sunny Soleil
Fri 28 Feb 2014 12:18AM

Whatever the majority decides is fine by me.


Sunny Soleil
Sat 1 Mar 2014 8:45PM

Until we have decided the format of this event I can't agree. They are just ideas and everyone has said ;yes' without agreeing the format first..


Sara Latimer
Sun 2 Mar 2014 5:40PM

as i have just come to the group and this proposal is closing soon i dont feel i can vote as i really dont know whats going on!! however once i have read through evertything and had a think i may have some thoughts or input to make


Sunny Soleil Fri 28 Feb 2014 12:14AM

It makes sense not to have a separate group to organize this when everyone has so many good ideas. I am a bit dubous about Town Team giving a talk or having a table because they haven't actually done anything edible yet. Otherwise, yes all good ideas. Will this be set up like the Bee Tea to accommodate the talks?

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