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#RETech update: Call for coverage, debriefing & collaboration

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#BosRETech UPDATE: There are at least three events worth attending this week in #RETech, two in Boston and one beyond:

5/15-5/20/17: Realtors Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo — #NARMidYear


5/17/17: MIT’s #DesignX Pitch & Demo Night — Follow @MITDesignX


5/18-19/17: MIT World Real Estate Forum — Follow #MITWorldREForum


If anyone from #RE2020 is attending one or more of the above, would you like to debrief afterwards to develop a better understanding of trends and opportunities?

If so, what’s the best way to share updates with three real estate related MeetUps in Boston — #BosRETech, #RECALL or #DefendREBuyers?

For more info on our focus and why a technology debriefing is important for #RE2020, read:



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When should we host post NAR / MIT Tech Debriefing? Closed Sat 3 Jun 2017 8:01PM

Let's nominate some options starting with a roundtable discussion during the next #OpenProjectNight at @ImpactHubBOS or BEFORE one of the next two Code for Boston MeetUps.

If you have other ideas, to debrief one or all three events, please propose them below and others who have already voted can update their response.

Finally please share this poll with anyone you think may be interested whether or not they are following #RE2020 or particating in all of the real estate or homebuying related MeetUps in Boston.

We're particularly interested in reaching "ordinary" homebuyers & sellers.


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