Thu 10 May 2018 3:39PM


TS Ticon Storay Public Seen by 273

This thread is to discuss the desired outcome/boundaries that is wanted from the community. This includes the rights/abilities to come back to the farm ranging from doing business with the farm(like giving a tour), coming back as a guest, working with the community as a companion plant, or rejoining the community.


Joshua Reed Thu 10 May 2018 7:47PM

I see Dax as a companion plant. Compassion and Love is being felt by me at this point in time. I see benefit from time and space away from the situation is good. I feel as though all is has taught me about boundaries and what triggers me. I look forward to the restorative circle. I see growth in all sides and could be beneficial to address rejoining the Trunk program in the flow.

Boundaries for all, I think are our what we are saying our Community Living Agreements are. We are an alcohol free farm, respect the spaces, people and animals, leave no trace, being mindful of personal property and farm property, letting community know about arrival at earliest point possible, open for a decision about how to deal with sheets/bedding/towels and that matter for companion plants, able to stay on the farm without causing heavy disharmony in communal settings and as much love as he can give