Wed 16 Jul 2014 1:58AM

Introduce yourself to the community

JD Jesse Doud Public Seen by 20

Just noticing that there are more and more people in here keen on scheming, and not everyone knows eachother. We can pop new folks in here with their reasons for joining and say hi!


Hannah Mackintosh Sun 20 Jul 2014 6:07AM

Hi! I'm Hannah and I currently live in a big, supportive and inexpensive flat in Newtown. I like living like this and the thought of changing the way that my life is currently supported by and shared with lots of people doesn't sit very comfortably as I get more 'grown up'.

This has been a topic of conversation amongst a wider circle of friends for a wee while now and recently we have been a little more pro-active in thinking about what an extension of flatting could look like in different context.

We are imagining a village where land and resources are shared but we have our own dwellings that support our life styles. Things like kitchens and laundry would be probably be shared spaces and gardens, perhaps a living area - the details aren't too clear yet.

We have chatted with the Living Ark Trust as well and will be meeting soon to do some brainstorming about what we want this village to look like.

Keen to be connected in with other people who are thinking about the same things.


Sofia Wed 30 Jul 2014 10:44AM

Kia ora
I am a wonderful flat in Newtown with a great row of neighbours where we share resources, food, company and trust.
There is a bit of transience within these houses and it is a more implicit community to an extent and I am excited about the idea of a space where the idea of sharing resources, company, time, trust and skills is slightly more explicit.
I am currently just interested to learn from others what are possible options and scenarios and am not really in a space to commit to anything, but really keen to support this group in exploring ideas.