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As there was nobody on the last meeting of the website squad (which I think is logical because of the nice weather and the distance and effort needed), I suggest to do a one- hour very structured online meeting in the evening somewhere between Wednesday and Friday.

For that there is a framadate (doodle alternative) on https://framadate.org/AwOOmdEhDV7pLYRK


koen_v Wed 25 Apr 2018 8:17AM

Unfortunately, I can't participate at the online video meeting (the 21st I couldn't be in Mechelen because of a very full agenda with no time left). Which is a bit a pity, because now I understand what input most would be appreciated (it has been written on https://wiki.pirateparty.be/ITSquad/Web/Meeting/21_04_2018 , heading 'Agenda'). But I guess it will work fine without me too this evening (since I do not have a lot of pirate experience yet) . Good luck, K


Renaud Van Eeckhout Wed 25 Apr 2018 5:38PM

I added my input on this pad for tonight's meeting : https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/webmeeting-25-04

As you can see, I changed the text of the first part. The reason is that it wasn't talking about the problems, but about some values (and a value like "cooperation" actually doesn't even appear once in our basic text). So I wrote some problems. And I tried to include the text that was written in the next parts.

Let's not forget to distinguish our values ("What do we want to see in our ideal world?") and the solutions/ideas/projects ("What do we do right now that makes our current society come closer to our ideal society?").


Josse Wed 25 Apr 2018 10:23PM

Just to summarize a little bit my comments which were difficult to give during the meeting (with too many technical problems to be efficient (comm'on free tools for audio conversation in the browser...)
- The 4 questions/values in the beginning are with respect to the mission statement, which had the goal to better describe shortly what the pirate party stands for instead of defining an entire text ( https://wiki.pirateparty.be/MissionStatement ) This mission statement is a "valued" goal for society as a whole
Cooperation is not defined in the basic text, but the basic text is more philosophical and should be subject to change, while it speaks about the commons, so from a different perspective about cooperation also.

- The problem is that our society is too vertical and not horizontally structured. And a goal is then to turn that around based on solutions, which can be value-based...

I am not too eager to put it as values as values are not clearly defined solutions. We base ourselves on values somehow, but are no direct solution.

Renaud will make his version of parrot.pirateparty.be (hopefully(should be possible) without losing too much time) to be able to better compare.