Tue 5 Dec 2017 10:40AM

Outputs from the Wortley Hall conference

G Graham Public Seen by 55

I was only able to participate for a short time at the Wortley Hall event. It was apparent that there were/are multiple threads of activity being worked on at the event and since, and I've been keeping an eye on the various comms channels in order to try to a) get an overview of all of those threads and b) dig into the detail and get involved. I've seen some work on the wiki, and a few threads on the discourse channel, but nothing (yet) that pulls it together into something coherent. Hence I've created this thread to see if those closer to it than I could throw some light. Not suggesting that the work that's been done is all copied into here (bad idea), but perhaps a list of the key topics discussed, with links to the detail. If this already exists somewhere else (wiki?) and I've not yet found it, then that's great, just point me to it. When I was there I counted something over 50 people, which is a great turnout. It also means that lots of people didn't get along, so this might offer a way in to what got covered.


Harry "Outlandish" Robbins Tue 5 Dec 2017 1:57PM

hi @graham2 thanks for popping in - sorry we didn't get to chat. Since no one attended all the sessions no-one can really offer an overview. I believe the wiki is the best place to start (we were explicitly documenting everything we thought relevant to the whole group there).

RE: attendance - I think there were about 60 people in total, which is pretty much the maximum the venue can support - so it did what it intended. It would be nice to get the full 260+ cotechers together, but that's going to be pretty tricky.

Also, I believe that the discourse channel is that appropriate place for this sort of thread these days, as the Loomio is just for formal decision making between co-ops.


Graham Wed 6 Dec 2017 1:47PM

Thanks. I'll keep a close eye on the wiki. There's a fair bit there already and hopefully that will be expanded as people find the time.