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Zooming right out, the pdf and links to the whole.

You can read up on some background on the Social Lean Canvas here: http://socialleancanvas.com/


Nigel Taptiklis Wed 8 Jul 2015 10:19AM

A3 version attached.


Lucas Kengmana Fri 24 Jul 2015 4:25AM

Hi @nigeltaptiklis, @carolinetaylor, @stufarrant, @annerowe, @chrisrowe, @drewarensberg, @sethhickling @damiansligogreen

Over on Slack, Bart has asked us to provide him our lean social canvas by the end of the day. I've just spoke to him and discussed the fact that at the moment OurSpace is pursuing a few different projects and that it probably makes sense for us to fill out a few different lean canvases rather than a single one. He's fine with this as long as we make sure that there is a way for us and him to keep track of these different strands.

He also asked that I give him a short summary of what the possible projects we are considering are, so this is what I propose to provide him (just writing this off the top of my head so anyone else feel free to jump in):

  1. A project that provides case studies about how to build prefab housing to make it easier for individuals to do this. This may include working with one or more of the parties who are currently trying to build a prefab house to capture their learnings.

  2. Providing tools to address the trickier issues associated with co-housing such as legal structure.

  3. Setting up a conference on co-housing

  4. Creating a web platform to help people undertake cooperative building projects

Finally, he's agreed to extend the timeline for providing a SLC for one of these specific projects until the end of the weekend. It's not essential that we complete one for each of these but it will help the facilitator. I will try to fill one out for 4. above.


Nigel Taptiklis Fri 24 Jul 2015 4:50AM

you the bomb @lucaskengmana, I'm swamped at the mo, and won't be able to do a SLC this weekend, but will follow through on a connecting 'housing lab' structure, perhaps with @carolinetaylor and @sethhickling and anyone else keen to jam on this piece.


Caroline Taylor Fri 24 Jul 2015 6:52AM

@lucaskengmana great work @nigeltaptiklis keen to jam with you on a connected housing lab structure @sethhickling are you in? I'm a single parent this weekend but happy to do what I can with @drewarensberg @chrisrowe and @annerowe and anyone else on a lean canvas for 1 and 2 (which I see as connected)


Seth Hickling Fri 24 Jul 2015 9:42AM

I'm in.. Nelson visiting family. And in on housing lab, keen! Will give canvas a go in the morning. We could bounce around shaping it up via email. Po marie!


Drew Arensberg Fri 24 Jul 2015 10:21AM

Keen as @carolinetaylor. Chris and Anne are gone for the weekend but I would be interested in getting together to discuss the canvas sometime over the weekend and keeping up with @sethhickling via email


Nigel Taptiklis Sat 25 Jul 2015 6:27AM

Go for gold @carolinetaylor and @drewarensberg, look forward to seeing what you come up with.


Seth Hickling Sat 25 Jul 2015 6:42AM

@carolinetaylor email? I'm [email protected]


Nigel Taptiklis Sun 26 Jul 2015 7:19PM

Here's a key resource for looking at an overarching social labs structure for this work.


Seth Hickling Sun 26 Jul 2015 9:15PM

Cheers Nigel, I have a borrowed copy of The Social Labs Revolution if anyone wants to borrow and read. Two-month window before I need to return to friend I borrowed from - when they return from overseas.. Don't think I can make it to the session this Wednesday evening but am available to meet up other evenings after 630pm. Or earlier in the day before 3pm. If there's anything of priority to jam on.

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