Sat 13 Apr 2013 1:43AM


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Copyright issues are already engrained into the dna of the Pirate Party. This discussion will help decide how we specifically want the details of policy regarding copyright to be.


Amanda Johnson Sat 13 Apr 2013 1:54AM

I think it is important to establish a baseline. I think first decision needs to be do we get rid of copyright completely or reform it?

Also do we mean all IP or just copyright here.


Nick Sat 13 Apr 2013 2:28AM

I personally think it should be reformed.. We should find a way to make copyright benefit artists and creators rather than corporations. Completely getting rid of it would also counteract tons of hard work in the area of free content licensing, which has been a common argument against copyright abolition in general.


Amanda Johnson Tue 16 Apr 2013 5:20AM

I agree. I think it needs to be seriously reformed but there is still a need for copyright. It is important that everyone that discusses the pirate party is clear on why we need copyright though.


Poll Created Tue 16 Apr 2013 5:22AM

A list of issues to be considered for policy. Closed Tue 16 Apr 2013 5:28AM

We need to brainstorm a list of issues, and agree on the issues that should be included in policy, before we can begin crafting policy.


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Alex M (Coyo) Tue 16 Apr 2013 7:44AM

personally, i think copyright and patents should be abolished wholesale. government granted monopolies on IDEAS is abhorrent to me. we also need to aggressively break up telephone and cable company monopolies.


Amanda Johnson Mon 22 Apr 2013 5:07PM

I think there should be limited copyright for commercial purposes. I think attribution is enough for non-commercial uses. I think there should be a bit more for commercial purposes. I think of IP limited monopolies as an incentive to share.


kbenjamin sauerhaft coplon Mon 22 Apr 2013 5:33PM

i don't see the relevance of the original question, why can't we focus on copyright separately from patents and trademark?


kbenjamin sauerhaft coplon Mon 22 Apr 2013 5:36PM

one compromise we've come up with on
is something like "We support gradually phasing out copyright."


Amanda Johnson Mon 22 Apr 2013 5:41PM

The original question was asking if we want to discuss just copyright here, or are we discussing all IP.

I've never been convinced of how a short commerical purposes monopoly is harmful.


kbenjamin sauerhaft coplon Mon 22 Apr 2013 6:38PM

i know that, but many of us believe that it is harmful i was trying to come up with a compromise
i don't understand Nicholas DeSalvio's argument about free culture, it's like saying marriage equality should be avoided because it would destroy the LGBT culture

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