Leverage events this week to mobilize reform

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Two events this week provide an opportunity to build momentum for industry reform: Mass. Association of Realtors (MAR) Day on the Hill (6/14) and the 51st annual Real Estate Journalism Conference #NAARE17 (6/14-16) These three blog posts are designed to create visibility for real estate, the Sleeping Giant of the Consumer Movement and seed story ideas for reporters:

Will Wall Street cause Consumer Advocates to revisit Real Estate Cartel?


Open Letter to National Association of Real Estate Editors #NAREE17


From #FakeBuyerAgents to Smart Disclosures & Information Fiduciaries


Have requested a meeting with @MassPIRG to background their team, and get these issues on @ConsumerFed's radar screen if not the front page of the Boston a Globe. It's time to blow the whistle on this:


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Bill Wendel Thu 15 Jun 2017 10:28AM

Kudos to Fran Thorsen for creating Pledge of Allegiance video to turn FlagDay into a DIY tool for homebuyers. See RECafe blog post below & links to Pledge of Allegiance:

In #DysTrumpian era of Consumer Protect Thyself, #homebuyers have powerful DIY tool


Take aways:

Watch video: http://bit.ly/GetREPledge
Print form: http://bit.ly/PledgeCAARE

Hope this creates momentum for potential event below:

6/17/17: DIY #Hack4REGood