Fri 3 Nov 2017 10:08PM

What Is The Internet Party All About?

M Martyn Public Seen by 92

What is the Internet Party about? Are we the Conspiracy Party as some people have said to me? Are we Social justice Warriors fighting some kind of War against the enemies of Social justice? Are we Tech geeks embracing transhumanism and robot waifus? Are we just a bunch of Kim Dotcom cronies all waiting for Papa Kim to turn the money tap on again?

Are we all of those things? Are we none of them? What are our values? What do we believe in? Do all of us have a shared vision of where we want the Party and country to go or are our dreams and ideas so different that we need to acknowledge that the Internet Party doesn't share 1 vision but a myriad of visions for the future.

Talk to me.


Brian Welman Sat 4 Nov 2017 12:23AM

The Internet Party was good when Kim Dotcom was around, but true to form, the National government saw some way to silence him, because he was on the side of the disenfranchised majority of this country. The government of New Zealand is continuing to conspire against the masses, keeping our wages low so we are consumed with working just in order to survive, not actually "living" a life but merely "surviving" to keep the government and their cohorts pockets lined with our hard earned money. A revolution is looming where we will show the government that they are there to serve "us", not us to serve them.Let's see what labour achieves.


IP Jo Booth Sat 4 Nov 2017 12:34AM

Officially we do have some objectives - we want NZ to lead the digital era, make digital commerce happen, help us to get better connected and balance privacy and connectedness, sort out digital communication with government, try to keep intelligence agencies accountable and transparent and try to get younger people having a say in democracy. @jobooth is all for those objectives and that's his reason for sticking around and making it happen.. but yes, bring on the tech future, especially with someone else paying for it ;) :purple_heart: :soon: :world_map:


ben cooney Sat 4 Nov 2017 10:08PM

Who are we? :
Good question? For me ip is a group of concerned citizens who want a innovative future where we embrace the future. We sre concerned with the dispossessed and how to maximise life for all kiwis. We are concerned about privacy and tech liberty. We see that the neo liberal experiment has failed. We wish to change, create and build our economy using ethical means.

Thats why i signed up anyways


Martyn Mon 6 Nov 2017 2:29PM

For me the Internet Party represents a technological, possibly utopian, future. Since I've been a member I've had to assess where I am politically and socially. Socially I'm conservative, I don't care about any of this activist stuff or social justice or refugees or immigration or any of that crap. I do care about freedom though, freedom of ideas, freedom of speech, freedom from tyranny, freedom from slavery so I may not like having my views challenged but I can live with it.

Politically I lean left but I'm also a nationalist, I love NZ and would risk my life for it. I don't want NZ to go out and conquer a bunch of countries, look how that worked out for Britain, but we should be able to kick the ass of anybody who wants to start something.

I want the Internet Party to be an organization that truly works towards making NZ, and by extension the world a better place through the use of technology and embracing and trying out new ideas and theories.

I'm really all over the place!