Thu 11 Nov 2021 12:08PM

Flower Growing @LL

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Liz Band Thu 11 Nov 2021 12:18PM


So we have the thumbs up to grow flowers at LoveLand next season, on about 1/4 an acre. The idea is that it will mimic the veg growing market garden, producing some product to sell through the Falmouth Food Coop, be a platform for learning/workshops and provide materials for the above.

I have some bulbs/corms tubers, and a bit of a flower obsession- I know their are other folks who have expressed some interest in growing flowers at LoveLand...I need your help, ideas, input!!

Having been a flower grower in a pervious life, I’d love to help/guide/ support flower growing- but now we have a designated space, I’d love to connect, hear more of what other flower enthusiasts want to create.

So please post ideas/suggestions...I will be at LoveLand this Saturday 10am-1pm- if your able to come chat -if you’d like to grow some flowers next year I’d love to hear from you! Or post on this thread- maybe if there are a few folks interested we could coordinate a more organized planing session for Saturday Nov 20th?

I am really excited to grow some beauty with anyone and everyone!


Lisa Peakman Thu 11 Nov 2021 6:30PM

Wowzer that’s brilliant! I’d love to help and learn but I’m now care working Weekend mornings so can’t make Saturday morning sessions. Be great if we could grow flowers for tables at food events at the Pavillions and to go with the food boxes 😊👍.