Buying Loomio subscription

NL Nicole Leonard Public Seen by 487

Our free trial has ended. @fredericsultan and I propose to buy a subscription at 20 dollars/month. How does this sound? Any input @staccotroncoso , since you know Loomio well?



Stacco Troncoso Mon 19 Sep 2016 9:40AM

Sounds good to me, it's good to support them. Do we have a budget to pay this?


Nicole Leonard Tue 20 Sep 2016 2:19PM

@Sophie we were thinking Commons Network can pay? It's not much, less than 20 euros a month... let us (with @fredericsultan know what you think)


Nicole Leonard Tue 20 Sep 2016 2:20PM

And maybe @davidhammerstein should chime in as well?


sophie Tue 20 Sep 2016 2:58PM

hey , we can take it out of the admin costs of the FPH grant I guess. David =- Commons Network


Silke Helfrich Wed 15 Feb 2017 10:15PM

Hi, as loomio is basically a decision making tool and not a discussion platform (like for instance DISCOURSE); I am not really a supporter of going on with it. But if those who are more involved in the process feel, that it works and really stimulates debate: go on! And as Stacco says: supporting developers of this kind of tools is always a good thing. Nontheless we should continue watching out for other alternatives.


Jon Richter Sat 4 Mar 2017 1:03AM

If you wish to buy a subscription, Ecobytes.net, who's hosting the TransforMap Discourse that Silke mentioned above, could offer to self-host a Loomio instance that comes without the nag screens.

I think Loomio aims at both, conversation and decision, why I initially supported them with a contribution to their crowdfunding.

In the end this may be a side-discussion of the overall infrastructure strategy pointed out in another place.