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Introductions and Volunteering with BwoB

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Introduction to BwoB

We have a new lab space in Long Island City (NYC) and equipment is gradually being set up there. Check out the website and/or sign up for our mailing list for more general updates.

As you may know, Biotech Without Borders is an entirely volunteer-run organization with no plans to change this structure. Our officers are a core group of volunteers who have developed relationships with each other and are currently tasked with formalizing the documents we need to operate. However formal documents are no substitute for building relationships with each other.

Purpose of the thread

New community members join the Loomio at some frequency and I am excited to learn more about you and hopefully see you in the lab when you are able to come. I see everyone associated with Biotech Without Borders as a community from which folks may emerge to take on responsibilities necessary for our continuation. Knowing each other's skills and interests helps us understand what our collective power can be. Importantly I want our community to also forge connections between each other and imagine what they can do with the assistance of each other.

Previously folks were invited to contribute to building a shared agenda and follow along with our activities on our Community Sheet. It wasn't used as much as I would like and there was some chaos on Google docs which led me to migrate to this platform which affords more moderation tool and is better aligned with the idea of being a collective. Meeting notes are now held here accessible by members.

If you have questions for the group please start a poll!

If you want to volunteer with something specifically let us know in a comment. This might be a good way of learning some of the Loomio ropes to begin (see the help thread for more information).

I will be reaching out on this thread with projects that need volunteers that would be appropriate for newcomers to join. But please keep your eye our for threads or polls marked as "opportunities" for other places you may be able to help. These posts may be moved to their own threads as appropriate.

Community introductions

Many of you have told me about yourself but there are others here who may be interested to know more about you. So please introduce yourself below in a comment. I will pin them to the timeline and you are welcome to edit them as you see fit. You are also able to edit a profile (which is standard across any Loomio group you join since we are using their server, but may disappear if we migrate to our own server) using the "Edit Profile" menu in the sidebar.


Jisha Pillai U Thu 18 Nov 2021 2:47AM

nalyse and interpret result of MALDI-TOF data. Would you please help me on that ?

Thank you



Danny Fri 19 Nov 2021 11:47AM

I have only ever used MALDI-TOF to look for the concentration of a known protein in supernatant, but I know it is much more flexible than that. What are you using it for?


Jisha Pillai U Fri 19 Nov 2021 12:04PM

I have done it for identification of protein from bacteria. May I get help for the analysis from our platform ?


Danny Sat 20 Nov 2021 6:30PM

A novel protein?

I think you might get a better response if you include more information. But you may also want to form your request like a proposal either on this thread or just in the main group. It would be helpful to communicate how this relates to the context of the thread. Why might folks be interested in helping out? Why are you interested in this protein?


Jisha Pillai U Sun 21 Nov 2021 5:43AM


I will be done that. Thank you


[deactivated account] Mon 22 Nov 2021 2:28PM

Hello all I am a life scientist and community servant in Manhattan. My name is Chirag and I would love to support community outreach and am flexible on other areas to lend my effort.


Glyxon Biolabs Fri 15 Apr 2022 8:58PM

Hi!, thanks for inviting me to this forum! My name is David Castillo. I'm the founder and director of Glyxon Biolabs, an independent lab in Mexico City, we work essentially with biopolymers and recombinant proteins engineering and lab automation.


Agnieszka Kozicka Mon 30 May 2022 4:03PM

Hi! Thanks for inviting me to the group. My name is Agnieszka Kozicka and I am a rising senior majoring in biotechnology at Warsaw University in Poland. During summer holidays I will be working with Danny on organizing biology related workshops. I have experience in working in the lab, mostly on DNA and proteins, but I am open to work on diverse aspects of biotechnology. I am a fast learner and I believe I could positively contribute to your community.


Chiu Chau Tue 31 May 2022 12:26PM

Welcome to NY.


Daniel Wray Fri 3 Jun 2022 6:53PM

Hello, I'm Dan Wray and my knowledge of biotech extends to using pymol. I'd like to do some simple projects in the lab to learn more. My end goal here is to be versed in computer programs I can make things with. Any suggestions and guidance would be much appreciated before I commit to paying the monthly fee. What is it like on site?


Danny Mon 6 Jun 2022 1:02PM

You should come visit the site!

Also I'll say looking at structure on pymol is very different that gathering data for that structure. What sort of things are you thinking about making?


Daniel Wray Tue 7 Jun 2022 6:30AM

Just making a bioluminescent plant to start. I'd like to tinker with neurons by the end of the summer though. I'll have to revisit the igem tutorial about using databases. Should I finishing signing up? I mean can I get help pretty immediately?


Danny Tue 7 Jun 2022 4:18PM

We don't do human cell culture and I'm not familiar with non-human neuronal models. So that's something to consider when planning that work. I made a specific contribution tier for folks looking for some sort of consultation, but hanging out could also be a way of learning. I'm in the lab most days but I can also be quite busy. We could have a thread in the members subgroup discussing your project(s) though, that might be interesting for others to see and give them an opportunity to jump in there.


adrian Tue 5 Jul 2022 5:17PM

Hello, I'm Adrian and I'm the organizer for a community bio in Canada and also the author of several devices in the diy bio sphere most of them posted at http://specyal.com/diybio/. I also started to upload videos about the devices at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPW8qUh3Fhl35VwUN7RXtVw

My son summed them as blurry, boring and no subscribers. Prove him wrong. I'm fascinated and passionate about applied molecular biology.


Sana Jalili Mon 18 Jul 2022 12:02PM

Hello all! I am Sana Jalili.A person with Microbiology Background .(MS Microbiology) ,Worked in Academia as teacher . I am from Mumbai ,India . I was part of Manuprakash Frugal Course 2020 & 2022 (Plant AntiMicrobial Discovery Team: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiR31yx7rnU&feature=youtu.be & Erythrosight : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaDRJxJsN_0

Team Open Sci Global 2021 (Friendzymes ) : https://2021.igem.org/Team:Open_Science_Global/Description

Researchgate : https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Sana-Jalili

Linked IN : https://www.linkedin.com/in/sana-jalili-aa122470/?originalSubdomain=in

Orcid ID : https://orcid.org/my-orcid?orcid=0000-0001-6266-9242

Twitter : https://twitter.com/chitinaseeeeeee

Happy to connect with you all.


Samuel Akinosho Mon 22 Aug 2022 3:25PM

Hello all, I'm Samuel, a software engineer and physicist super interested in Bio-tech and looking forward to contributing in any way I can.


Sümeyye Tue 1 Nov 2022 2:31AM

Hello everyone; I'm Sumeyye Yar. I'm a scientist and science outreach educator with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics. My specific area of expertise is in Cardiovascular/Cardiometabolic diseases linked to cardiac muscle. I previously worked as an instructor at Genspace and a science outreach educator at the DNA learning center of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. I'm also a DIY BIO and BioArt enthusiast. I did research at BWOB before, but this time my collaboration with Jen Liu, a visual artist, brought me here. I look forward to connecting with you, so please feel free to reach out.


Ellen Jorgensen Tue 1 Nov 2022 11:30AM

Welcome back Sumeyye and Jen!


Ibrahim Dulijan Wed 2 Nov 2022 2:38AM

Great to see you here Sumeyye!


Susan Harrington Wed 2 Nov 2022 1:35PM

Welcome and thank you for the introduction, Sumeyye. :)


Patrick Ferner Tue 15 Nov 2022 2:36PM

Hello everyone! I'm Patrick Ferner. I'm a computer scientist with an interest in biotechnology, currently living in Jersey City. I am looking to contribute any way I can, and I'm excited to learn/meet people along the way!


Smith W.L. J, MD, FRSC, FRSPH Thu 29 Dec 2022 4:59PM

Hello everyone. My name is Smith W.L. Jheng, a trasnlational scientist from Taiwan. I serve as principal research scientist at Massachusetts Laboratory for Engineering Medicine and Critical Data. I'm now planning to establish an organoiod & microenvironment construction working group. Hope to contribute and learn from you.


Vikram Krishnamoorthy Fri 27 Jan 2023 7:38PM

Hi everyone - it's been a while! My name is Vikram. I'm currently a software engineer at a real world data clinical trials startup. My academic background is in biology and business, and I was formerly the founder of Etcetera Bio, a synthetic biology startup, which is actually how I first got involved with Biotech without Borders back in 2019. I'm currently in Oakland and a member at CCL - but am always excited to help out and volunteer with BWOB however I can.


Sean Doyle Thu 9 Feb 2023 4:04PM

Hello All! My name is Sean Doyle, and I am currently a junior majoring in computer science at NYU. Most of my background is in embedded systems within robotics, and AI/Machine Learning but I would like to get into synthetic biology and biotech so I'm hoping to volunteer on some projects that can both make use of my skills and teach me more about the biotech sector. Feel free to reach out to me with any ideas or projects I may be able to help out on!


Lizeth Arciniegas Wed 22 Mar 2023 7:08PM

Hello everyone! My name is Lizeth Arciniegas, an Environmental Engineer with a postgraduate diploma in Biotechnology. I'm from Colombia, but right now I'm living in Toronto, Canada. I have studied Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining and I'm passionate about it. I'm hoping to volunteer for projects related to any of those fields. I hope to contribute to this team, Feel free to reach out!


Imran Ozair Fri 19 May 2023 6:34PM

Hi! I'm Imran, a sophomore at Rutgers University in New Jersey. I'm studying general biology but I came across this group and I hope that I'll be able to learn about Biotechnology as it's a field of study that I am potentially considering majoring in. I'm not entirely sure how helpful I can be at this stage, but I'm open to any kind of opportunities. Nice to meet you all and thank you.