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Publicise events of interest to Workers co-ops

Also check here: http://www.uk.coop/events


Vica Thu 7 Sep 2023 2:24PM

Hi all,

Sharing below information about the upcoming Hackathon Co-operatives UK is organising. You can read more and register here: https://www.uk.coop/get-involved/campaigns/enabling-tech-and-digital/co-op-hackathon

We are currently focusing on collecting proposals for projects to work on as the deadline for that is 20 September. So if you or your co-op are working on any interesting digital projects that you think other co-ops or the broader co-op movement could benefit from, please do submit it via the link.

Hope some of you can make it!


Join the Co-op Hackathon on 19-20 October, London – an event to boost collaborative tech within the co‑operative movement.

Promoting digital innovation in the co-op movement is a major part of our strategy. We want to amplify and increase collaboration around tech – how we develop it, how we share it, how it empowers co-ops across our movement. 

The Co-op Hackathon takes place on 19 and 20 October 2023 in London. It will bring together tech co-operators to collaboratively develop digital solutions for the UK co-op movement and beyond. 

The Hackathon has three parts: 

  • 19 October, 6-8pm: Event launch, initial project pitches and networking 

  • 20 October, 9am-5pm: Co-op Hackathon  

  • 20 October, 6-8pm: Presentation of projects developed during the day 

The Co-op Hackathon is being delivered by Co-operatives UK in partnership with The Co-operative Bank – supporting fair and ethical business together.

Ways to get involved 

We’re inviting anyone with a passion for collaborative tech to get involved – you can do this in different ways: 

1. Submit an idea, project or product to develop

Are you working on an inspiring tech or digital idea, project or product for a co-op or for the co-op movement? Submit it to us for the Co-op Hackathon. We will shortlist projects to collaborate on during the Hackathon and one could be yours! 

Examples of projects we’d like to see: 

  • Platform co-ops 

  • Community tech projects for co-ops 

  • Software or digital infrastructure for the co-op movement and beyond 

  • Protocols/standards/licences for the co-op movement 

Please submit your proposal by midnight Wednesday 20 September 2023. Selected teams will get the chance to present their proposal at the launch event and will be promoted in the build-up to the event. We have a limited number of bursaries for the people working on shortlisted projects – up to £150 towards the cost of travel and accommodation. Please indicate on the form if you'd like to be considered.

2. Contribute your skills, experience or expertise to a project

This is a great opportunity to contribute your skills and expertise to some inspiring ideas – and meet the people behind them.

Do you have digital skills or expertise you can share? We particularly welcome developers, data scientists, designers, project managers, etc. But if your skills are from a different field, there are lots of ways to contribute. Register to take part as a contributor.

3. Attend the presentations

If you aren’t able to join the full Hackathon, there are two evening events (6-8pm on 19 and 20 October). Here you will learn about the inspiring projects we'll be collaborating on and meet the teams working on them. Register to attend one or both evening events.

Where is the event taking place?

The Co-op Hackathon will take place on 19 and 20 October at The Foundry, London, SE11 5RR.


Sion Whellens (Principle Six/Calverts) Thu 11 May 2023 5:36PM


London, 19 May, solidarity event about the GKN Fabbrica occupation and conversion plan


Louise Scott Mon 1 May 2023 9:58AM

The next informal Glasgow Worker Co-ops Meet-up 

Tuesday 2 May at Mono, 5.30 - 7.30pm.

Our local Glasgow meet-up is a chance to connect with other co-ops and meet new co-op friends, bring anyone who’s interested in co-ops, share co-op news, ask for support for anything another co-op might be able to help out with  …. and it would also be great to share ideas next week about the kinds of things we would like to organise for ourselves in the worker co-op community in Glasgow. 

Suggestions so far have included: film screenings, gigs or other events; 'meet the co-op’ visits; guest talks with discussion from interesting folk; bike tours of co-operative Glasgow.

So I hope you can come along next Tuesday.

Everyone welcome.

Rough Agenda:

- Introductions

- News from world of co-ops, e.g: the new workers. coop federation update; Edinburgh meet up group update; upcoming co-op events or events of interest to co-ops; etc. Bring your news!

- Shout outs for help / information

- What we’d like to see happening for worker co-ops / co-ops in Glasgow

See you tomorrow, Tuesday 2 May, at Mono at 5.30

If you’ve never been before make this your first time!

N.B. Everyone on the Glasgow Coops Meetup group on Signal has admin status so you can invite other co-op members to the group. Any probs getting onto Signal or joining the group ask me (Louise, media co-op or Babs, Green City) or any other member and we'll add / help you.


Mark Simmonds (Co-op Culture) Tue 21 Mar 2023 9:35AM

Sociocracy in co-operatives

18th April 2023, 10am – 1pm, online


Who’s it for? This session is designed for co-op and community business advisors or organisers who want to improve their understanding of sociocracy, governance options and techniques when working with groups.

Sociocracy is an inclusive, equitable and effective way of working. It is growing in popularity, particularly among worker co-ops and multi-stakeholder co-ops.

The workshop will provide:

  • An introduction to sociocratic governance and techniques.

  • The application of these approaches in co-operatives.

  • Useful techniques for working with client groups.

Trainer: Abbie Kempson, People Support Co-op

Cost: £50


Sean Farmelo Thu 2 Mar 2023 9:23AM


Alex Bird Fri 9 Dec 2022 10:45AM

Well done for arranging this John. Unfortunately I can't attend due to a prior arrangement


Graham Fri 9 Dec 2022 11:00AM

Really helpful information Dave 😉 thank you. I've been on calls where I just get talked at, and there's only time for one or two questions at the end if that, so very useful to know that this is actually designed as a consultative exercise.


John Boyle Fri 9 Dec 2022 10:55AM

Hi Graham, that is a truism. However Preet has been briefed to speak for 10 to 15 mins and to take questions on her talk. (She will be speaking from Parliament and has promised 30 mins, but will stay on if not called to the thingy she has to go to) The second half hour will be me throwing open the meeting for comment, suggestions, even criticism of the Co-op Bill. I will be taking notes and then sharing peoples comments with the Parliamentary team. There is no detailed agenda. The link to the Co-op Bill is attached to the invite. If those attending wish I will keep the meeting open beyond the hour.


Graham Fri 9 Dec 2022 10:26AM

Knowing how much politicians like to talk, especially front bench ones, I'm wondering how much of this hour will be given over to listening and discussion? Is there detailed agenda available?


John Boyle Fri 9 Dec 2022 10:20AM

I would like to invite you to a Co-op Party event for members of Co-operatives

Meet Preet Gill Labour and Co-op MP and Shadow Secretary of State for International Development of the United Kingdom and also discuss the Co-operative Bill in Parliament

The Co-op Party is holding an hour long zoom to example Co-op activity by Preet Gill a Co-op MP, and then ask for Co-operators to inform and support a bill currently being put through Parliament to protect Co-operatives from de-mutualisation.

It may seem a contradiction that Preet will be talking about Co-operative work being done or pursued Internationally, for us then to talk about UK Co-operative legislation, But Preet is a brilliant example of how Co-operation is being promoted in Parliament. It would be great for her to hear from a sector of the UK Co-op Movement that is underrepresented , well pretty much everywhere. We can then discuss the Co-op Bill in an open forum.

Despite the unprecedented challenges on the economy and families living in the UK over the last three years, people on this group know Co-operatives have shown themselves more resilient than other types of businesses.

Yet legislation still needs to be passed to protect Co-operatives and give Co-ops a level playing field to operate on.

Current law leaves co-ops and mutuals too vulnerable to asset-stripping. Co-operative MP Sir Mark Hendrick has introduced the Co-operatives, Mutuals and Friendly Societies Bill to Parliament. This new Bill would help to protect co-operatives and mutuals by letting them opt-in to an "asset lock", so assets built up by members over generations cannot be sold off and must retain their original mutual purpose. https://party.coop/coopsbill

While there is a wait for the Bill to make its way through Parliament, the Co-op Party needs and wants your input. They would love to hear from you what you think can and should be done to support Co-operatives at least to the same level the private sector is.

The Co-op Party exists to promote co-operation in all walks of Government, with their 26 MP’s ; 11 members of the Scottish Parliament, 16 Senedd Members, 5 Metro Mayors and over 1,200 local Co-operative Councillors across the UK.

It would be great to hear from the most radical, innovative and most independent group of Co-operators, in the Co-op Movement.

Any questions you can contact me on my works email [email protected]

Any concerns about this overtly political posting you can contact me on my personal email :)

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.

When: Dec 13, 2022 06:00 PM GMT

Register in advance for this meeting:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

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