Wed 30 Apr 2014 11:54AM

Planning the may issue

EB Edward Bauer Public Seen by 9

Hey all designers I have gone over the word count and I think this will roughly fit in the paper for the 12 pages. I have taken the standard News, Comment, Culture & Sport model for the order. What do people think of the arrangement?

Kellys says she would like to work on the poster cover I am going to work on the rest of the pages. I don't know what Sean you are able or want to be doing? I will call you.

For how we should do this - I am away this Sat & Sunday. So I think I should go to try and have the first draft done by Friday. I will post it up for thoughts and edits and then when I come back I will make the final version monday. However if Sean or someone else is are around this weekend you can take over working on it this weekend.

If we have serious disagreements over the weekend we will have an emergency Design working group meeting Monday 6pm at which we will finalise it . To send in Tuesday.


Page 1 A really cool Poster Cover
Page 2 Local Elections coverage
Page 3 Advert Full page
Page 4 don't vote & Underfunded safeguarding services leaves unidentified children at risk
page 5 Crisis payments underspent in Birmingham & Undemocratic minster for the midllands
page 6 Advert full page
page 7 ATOS & Green Homes
page 8 Trojan horse or silencing of dissent, what next? & Editoral (Dorter)
page 9 UKIP & Calling all women
Page 10 Shout Film Fest & John Lennon & ¼ page CATC advert
page 11 half page Coop advert & three penny opera
Page 12 F1: the Season so far


Kelly Rogers Wed 30 Apr 2014 4:53PM

Personally, I think it makes sense to have editorial stuff on the inside cover --> i.e. calling all women -- but I guess it doesn't really matter.

Anyway here's the font design I've done. Let me know what you think.


Kelly Rogers Wed 30 Apr 2014 5:06PM

Also I'd quite like to work on the culture section as well if possible


Sean Farmelo Thu 1 May 2014 8:41AM

I know I wasn't at the meeting but I reckon trojan horse and UKIP should go on the front page and then have the poster page in the middle somewhere - it would give a little more space because it wouldn't have to say slaney street on it and I reckon it would make a little more sense.
Poster is good though, I will try think of some constructive criticism though :P
Actually only thing I think is it might be cool to create our own image rather than using the satchi and satchi line of people thing? dunno - anyhow I can't do any work today but will try do some tommorow.

Is the dropbox working @edwardbauer ?


Edward Bauer Thu 1 May 2014 2:00PM

@seanfarmelo if we put both the Trojan horse & the UKIP on the front page then we would have a front page entirely full of text they are both pretty massive articles.

Further myself and Amanda Dorter both raised concerns about the Trojan horse article politically at the meeting - I don't think it would be in the spirit of the editoral session to put it on the front page.

I don't personally think the UKIP is front page either not because it is bad but I just don't think it is exciting headline material.

I don't think we have real headline material in the articles - hence why I think the art cover on some piece of relevant information is the way forward. I thought the best would have been the election Kelly has opted for this on the job center sign on every day news.

I think her thing is really good and we should 100% use it. It could go somewhere in the paper - this would mean it would have to be in B/W through the colour pages are currently taken up by adverts in the paper.

However I don't agree that the UKIP/Trojan horse should be front page.

I think we should either create a new peice of art for the cover or move the elections onto the front.

@lindsey what do you think?


Lindsey Thu 1 May 2014 2:12PM

I think we should stick with a poster cover - it was posed and agreed by the EB when deciding which articles to use, and I would feel wrong going against that decision. Personally I think that a poster cover is really eye-catching and will encourage people to pick up the paper in the first place.

I like Kelly's image as a response to what's happened, but I don't think it makes sense as a cover because there's no follow up on the inside. The cover image should either be related to election coverage or something that represents us and our values: think of it as the advert for what follows between the covers.


Edward Bauer Thu 1 May 2014 3:09PM

@lindsey @seanfarmelo @kellyrogers we did say at the meeting we would put some small box article on the dole changes so it will be inside in some small form.

By 9pm tonight we have to have decided what we are going to do.

I propose we take three way vote now. If it wins we go with Kelly's cover if it fails we do a redesign and try and make and election cover. Abstain will mean neither option and we go for some like sean suggests with articles on the front page.


Sean Farmelo Thu 1 May 2014 3:11PM

I'm cool with it being frontpage. Do think it needs a bit of a redesign though :D

  • sorry didn't realise the trojan horse and ukip ones were so long!

Poll Created Thu 1 May 2014 3:11PM

Front page decision Closed Sun 4 May 2014 4:05PM

Yes = go with Kellys cover
No = Redesign an electoral cover
Abstain = articles on the cover


Results Option % of points Voters
Agree 50.0% 2 L EB
Abstain 25.0% 1 DU
Disagree 25.0% 1 SF
Block 0.0% 0  
Undecided 0% 2 KR D

4 of 6 people have voted (66%)


Edward Bauer
Thu 1 May 2014 3:13PM

after some thought I think it is best to stick with Kelly's it is a really really good design. Further I think we are pressed for time and I m not sure another such good quality cover can be designed in the re-design. but, I'm happy to give it a go.


Sean Farmelo
Thu 1 May 2014 3:13PM

Think the workfare newspaper squares bit is good but could do with more explanation about the cuts and why they are bad as this is front page might put people off with just the sentence there.


Thu 1 May 2014 6:11PM

This is a good design, and with the refinements mentioned it will make a really strong cover.


[deactivated account]
Fri 2 May 2014 11:56AM

I like the cover but think the disembodied heads of IDS and Osborne should be removed. I think it distracts attention from an attack on the capitalist state's policies to attacking two Tories, it's politically better without personalising it.


Lindsey Thu 1 May 2014 3:12PM

OK sure.

Who's been assigned to write the article?


Sean Farmelo Thu 1 May 2014 3:16PM

Yeah I don't think kelly's is bad at all - the only niggle I have is there isn't enough info about the sort of moral side of benefits - many people need to have it spelled out to them why benefit sanctions are actually bad (and our newspaper will probs be going to lots of those people) and secondly I think the design and stuff is good but the satchi and satchi image is very widely used. If we could think of an alternative back image or maybe redo it with brum landmarks or something it might be more unique


Lindsey Thu 1 May 2014 3:26PM

Is Sean's idea possible, to put some Brum landmarks in the image?

Where would the accompanying figures appear? I don't see it on the list of content. Maybe page 2, or even as a window on the image?


Sean Farmelo Thu 1 May 2014 3:58PM

just a bit more text down the bottom I reckon


Edward Bauer Thu 1 May 2014 3:59PM

Sean has just said he doesn't have the time to do a redesigned cover. I m very concerned we might not have time to make a second cover. I am currently working with Kelly on the rest of the paper. Depending on how quickly we get this done will decide I think if we can make this total re-design of the front page. I think it is clear that people are against Kellys as it stands however we may have to revisit this depending on how other work progresses.


Sean Farmelo Thu 1 May 2014 4:02PM

can we be added to the dropbox pls! - yeah I think it's good but could do with some working on basically :D


Kelly Rogers Thu 1 May 2014 4:02PM

I'm going to put more text in the bottom left. I realised that I was using far too big a font size, and I reckon a lot more detail can be put in there.

I think we have an issue of time. Edd and I are going to a festival tomorrow and so won't be able to do anymore designing after tonight - so we're currently trying to get the entire 12 pages drafted.

I can't really spend hours working on this cover, after I spent a long time on it yesterday. I think replacing it with something else would mean spending a very long time designing something else. We don't have headline articles that are good enough for a front page, and so it's going to have to be another image I think.


Kelly Rogers Thu 1 May 2014 4:02PM

I can try putting in some landmarks yes.


Dorter Thu 1 May 2014 9:43PM

Hey folks. thanks for putting all this work into the design and layout.

I'm not in the design group so also not voting, but I just wanted to say, really quickly that i wonder if we can move the ad from the 3rd page to somewhere further back (like the 9th, if it's for reasons of colour or whatever. No good to have an ad on the 3rd page.

Also, the back page is really important. Must be a better piece to put than the F1 piece which is not local, has me rebutting it, and was accepted more for tokenism, i think. Particularly since the front page is an image, the back page should be a strong article, i think - or perhaps the three-penny opera review?


Edward Bauer Fri 2 May 2014 1:40AM

So a rejigg to take into account @dorter ideas and some uploads of files Kelly has very nearly finished 10&11 and will be uploaded tonight. Please get in thoughts and comments.

@daniellindley would you like do to your look over and edit of the pages i have attached the svgs.

Page 1 A really Cool Poster Cover
Page 2 Local Elections coverage
Page 3 Local Elections coverage & don't vote
Page 4 Underfunded safeguarding services leaves unidentified children at risk & Crisis payments underspent in Birmingham (+bit of space left currently)
page 5 Tower of Song Advert full page
page 6 Mosely Folk Fest Full page
page 7 ATOS & Coop Advertorial
page 8 Trojan horse or silencing of dissent, what next?, Editoral (Dorter), Green Homes
page 9 UKIP, & Calling all women, F1: the Season so far
Page 10 Shout Film Fest & John Lennon

page 11 three penny opera
Page 12 Democratic Minster for Midlands


Kelly Rogers Fri 2 May 2014 2:13AM

Hey I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. Here is the first culture page done. page 2 isn't finished because I spent ages on the infographic.

If anyone has any ideas for a picture I could make for Lindsey's article it'd be great -- I had a great time dressing up naked John Lennon in a skirt and naked Yoko Ono at batman, but then I felt weird because I was ruining their cool naked picture. So now I don't know what to do...


Lindsey Fri 2 May 2014 7:05AM

The info graphics are amazing! Top work!

For my review, any pic of the beetles with skirts stuck on/random female accessories/hair would work, though if it's simpler and saves time could you use their show poster?


Dorter Fri 2 May 2014 9:31AM

looking really good!


Dorter Fri 2 May 2014 9:36AM

@kellyrogers , if it's helpful and not too late, more recent figures for the murder of trans people over 60 countries from 2008-now is 1364.



[deactivated account] Fri 2 May 2014 12:01PM

There are some errors in the files I've looked at including in the graphics (e.g. it says a 'minster' for the Midlands when it it should say minister). If I can come to wherever you're meeting on Saturday I'd like to fix stuff with people there.


Dorter Fri 2 May 2014 12:03PM

i certainly expected that there will be a process of at least double-proof-read of the final layout?


Kelly Rogers Tue 6 May 2014 1:50PM

@daniellindley you can edit svgs right? It would be much more helpful if you could just make any grammatical changes you can.

In terms of the front page. I'm really sorry everyone, but I just don't have the time to make loads of changes now. We've still got lots of designing to do for the other pages, and I hope that people agree that its at least good enough to go to print, if not completely matching what people think it could be.

I'm really sorry that we were away over the weekend, but while there are only three or so of us who can use the programmes properly, we might end up having this problem sometimes.

At some point we should really make it a priority to train as many people up as possible on using image manipulation programmes. At the very least, even if people don't want to design stuff it can make all the corrections a lot quicker and easier, rather than sending it back to only a couple of people.


Lindsey Tue 6 May 2014 2:25PM

Hi Kelly, thanks for doing everything you could (and doing boatloads of work in general) - you're totally right that more people need training on how to use the programs and the burden shouldn't fall to such a small group.
Also, to our shame, when deciding whether to do 8 or 12 pages in the board meeting it never once came up that 50% more content would mean 50% more design work. This oversight has of course blown the time budget, but at least now it's something we know and can plan for next issue.


Edward Bauer Tue 6 May 2014 3:18PM

As I said at the EB I would be away this last weekend with Kelly. I posted all that had been produced by when I left Friday morning for proof reading and thoughts. Over the weekend. No one seems to have been able to take this opportunity - they can still do so now until late tonight when I send the files into the printers.

@lindsey @daniellindley @seanfarmelo @dorter if you want I will be at 2 Fir avenue Runcorn Rd basal heath making the final copies tonight at 7pm people are welcome to come join me their if they wish to get some final say over the copies.

I might have time to make the suggested changes to the front page. Depends upon how my work progresses.


Sean Farmelo Tue 6 May 2014 5:53PM

Elllo! I've just completed the advertorial and have attached the pdf and svgs here @edwardbauer


Edward Bauer Tue 6 May 2014 6:30PM

thanks Sean great work on both making the Advertorial and designing it.


Sean Farmelo Tue 6 May 2014 6:45PM

yeah it's pretty simple but in line with the rest of theCo-op WM advertising


Edward Bauer Tue 6 May 2014 7:21PM

with your ad page 7 is now complete.


Sean Farmelo Wed 7 May 2014 9:48AM

Woke up this morning and realised I'd forgotten the web address - can you add www.bchs.coop in the bottom right hand corner where the gap at the end of the sentence is ? if it's not too late


Lindsey Wed 7 May 2014 10:06AM

Hi Edd, sorry for not getting back to you about the invitation to come check things out. For the next round of designing we should draw up a timetable so you're not left hanging about "just in case" :)


[deactivated account] Wed 7 May 2014 9:54PM

Just so everyone knows everything has now been completed, proof-read and sent off to be printed.


Lindsey Thu 8 May 2014 7:48AM

Thanks for confirming @daniellindley - I look forward to seeing it in the flesh!