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Developing a class to show the usefulness of phylogeny in taxonomy

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@Anthony came to our last scheduled community meeting and brought up the possibility of doing a crowd-funding campaign to raise capital to run the lab. In talking about that idea I pitched that a workshop for the communities he knows best would be something worthwhile to deveop. Ellen mentioned the taxonomy issues in mycology.

Today I saw this video and it reminded me of the types of theoretical lessons we could teach at this workshop (for fungi instead of animals) and couple with the process of sample prep, PCR, sequencing and tree making

Starting this thread to get a sense of what would make this interesting to the most amount of people and who would like to help with such an endeavour.


Danny Fri 5 May 2023 1:58PM

Finally got around to following up with @Eric W. and had a great chat about using pre-cooked brown rice as a sterilize medium for mushroom cultivation among other things. Also sparked an idea about a bridge building competition testing out various mycielia as a way to bridge the practice of more traditional makerspaces and biomakerspaces.

I don't think we have the capacity to run a crew around the phylogeny in taxonomy class, so I'm going to archive this thread. But I do think this is a good thread for anyone interested in seeing some preliminary ideas for classes that could be developed.


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Having our first meeting as a crew Closed Mon 3 Apr 2023 1:05PM

by Danny Mon 3 Apr 2023 1:26PM

Only Yuriy responded but the times are for this week, so I'm going to move ahead with scheduling this. If Zay and Eric can't attend then we might have to abandon this idea for now since there aren't enough people to help share the planning load.

First crew meeting for Mycology class group

Wednesday, April 5 · 1:00 – 2:00pm

Google Meet joining info

Video call link: https://meet.google.com/ddm-bbvp-fcx

Or dial: ‪(US) +1 775-476-2973‬ PIN: ‪693 273 729‬#

More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/ddm-bbvp-fcx?pin=8616908271031

Alright let's meet and talk about being a crew, or pod, or whatever we decide to call it. The most important thing is shared responsibility, having fun, and making something meaningful! Hopefully it works out as we decide after this initial meeting to have more. But if we scatter to the wind, at least we tried. Based on the last opt-in the idea is to create the class described loosely in the context of this thread to deliver in the Summer.

I drafted some agenda topics here. Please feel free to add to it.

And let us know your availability in the poll below. If you need another time then please


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Tue  4 Apr 2023  9:00PM
Tue  4 Apr 2023 10:00PM
Tue  4 Apr 2023 11:00PM
Wed  5 Apr 2023  5:00PM
Thu  6 Apr 2023 12:00AM
Thu  6 Apr 2023  9:00PM
Thu  6 Apr 2023 10:00PM
Thu  6 Apr 2023 11:00PM
Fri  7 Apr 2023  5:00PM

2 of 4 people have participated (50%)


Danny Wed 5 Apr 2023 5:23PM

@Zay I'm assuming that means you're not interested in meeting as a crew to discuss planning the class?


Yuriy Fazylov
Thu 16 Mar 2023 8:42PM

it would be interesting to see inner workings and prep for this class for another curriculum, not too distant from this, I have in mind. Plus, form follows function. I'll need to be in lab to become a part of it again.


Thu 16 Mar 2023 8:42PM

I am pretty booked up with classes this summer as well, but will follow the group and chime in remotely as much as possible. I will be in NY a few times this year, so maybe I can plan accordingly to BWB :)


Ellen Jorgensen
Thu 16 Mar 2023 8:42PM

I am probably going to be swamped with my own classes


Danny Fri 17 Mar 2023 1:33PM

@Blacki Migliozzi No worries Blacki. I appreciate your attention and disclosure on this thread. Hope to see you in other capacities around the lab.


Danny Fri 17 Mar 2023 1:32PM

@Eric W.Yeah it's indeed been a minute, you're still in Chicago? Happy to start a project with you Eric! Poll doesn't close until March 28th so I imagine the first meeting we'll have would be in the first week of April, but I'll use Loomio to throw some dates around when the time comes to schedule. If you know of any folks in NYC who might want to join by all means invite them.


Blacki Migliozzi
Thu 16 Mar 2023 8:42PM

Not sure if I'll be around this summer, or if I will have the bandwidth.


Eric W.
Thu 16 Mar 2023 8:42PM

Have experience with public events, design, classes, mycology. And it's been a minute.

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