Wed 9 Nov 2016 2:01PM

Commoners & DIEM25

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Fringe meeting (informal!) in November 15; 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm in Brussels/ Zinneke


Silke Helfrich Wed 9 Nov 2016 2:04PM

Hey, these are the people who are interested, more than 20 already!
1) Silke Helfrich
2) Marita Mukoonen
3) Joana Dias
4) Agnieszka Wiśniewska ? (not sure)
5) Daphne Büllesbach
6) Sophie Bloemen
7) Nikolas Krausz
8) Natalia Avlona
9) Jose Luis Vivero
10) Heike Löschmann
11) Sergi Escribano Ruiz, Empodera Consultores , or did you want to join the mapping group?
12) Joren De Wachter, active in DiEM25, as one of the founding members of the Belgium DSC
13) Isabel Carlisle
14) Ivor Stodolsky;
15) Andrew Paterson (but cannot make it, arriving on Nov.16)
16) Anne Snick
17) Gaelle Krikorian
18) Lorenzo Marsili (European Alternatives. Board DIEM25) (I'll also ping Martin Pairet (European Alternatives)
19) Torange Khonsari
20) Vitalie Sprinceana
21) Christina Fiordimela
22) Philippe Mayol
23) Boris Loukanov
24) Ruby van der Wekken
25) Sarah de Heeusch
26) Alice Priori
27) Ria Baeck (suggestion some graphic recording, yeahh)
28) Ruth Correia
29) Martin Pairet
30) Donal Mac Fhearraigh
31) Fréderic Sultan


Boris Loukanov Wed 9 Nov 2016 5:29PM

Hi, I am interested too.


Ruby van der Wekken Wed 9 Nov 2016 6:53PM

Hi, interested as well!


Sarah de Heusch Thu 10 Nov 2016 8:13AM

Hello, I'm interested too!


Ria Baeck Thu 10 Nov 2016 9:01AM

Silke, I wonder if anyone is hosting-facilitating this coming together. seems there will be like 30 people - hard to talk in a circle; and not very P2P when there are only a few people 'at the front'.
Ever worked with 'fish bowl'? could be helpful here.


Nicole Leonard Thu 10 Nov 2016 9:43AM

Silke is master of the fishbowl!


Ria Baeck Thu 10 Nov 2016 9:51AM

that's good to know!
I will bring my colorful pens - if we have some flipchart paper - or bigger - I/we could do some graphic harvesting.


Silke Helfrich Thu 10 Nov 2016 8:56PM

I wouldn't worry too much, Ria, I can help structuring the conversation, maybe others as well ... but you know what; I've recently been in Venezuala, visiting CECOSESOLA (certainly one of the most exciting commons-projects in the world) circles of 200 ppl.+ (seriously), no moderation and it worked ; we are not used to it, but when DIEM25 was launched everything was in a circle as well and there where more than 50 ppl in the room


Ria Baeck Thu 10 Nov 2016 9:49PM

I haven't been in any conversations with or around DIEM25, so was indeed a bit worried that it would become a 'political debate'. If people are used to talk and share and work in circle - all the better!


Alice Priori Thu 10 Nov 2016 10:26AM

Hi! I´m also interested to join!

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