Sun 14 Jan 2024 1:11PM

Board meeting 2024-01-12

JB John Bryant Public Seen by 8

Attaching board meeting minutes for approval.


Poll Created Sun 14 Jan 2024 1:16PM

Approve meeting minutes 20240112 Closed Thu 18 Jan 2024 4:00PM

by John Bryant Thu 18 Jan 2024 9:51PM

All votes affirmative, motion passed.

Please review the attached meeting minutes. Do you approve these as a record of the meeting?


Results Option % of points Voters
Yes 100.0% 8 AL JB JS EP EH R RM DP
More discussion required 0.0% 0  
No 0.0% 0  
Undecided 0% 1 AC

8 of 9 people have participated (88%)


Elisa Puccioni Thu 18 Jan 2024 3:13AM

@John Bryant let us know when the minutes are published so we can tell around!


John Bryant Thu 18 Jan 2024 4:38AM

Just waiting for the poll to close tonight (or for everyone to vote)... Barring any showstoppers we can share tomorrow 👍