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Melanie Beck Fri 7 May 2021 2:00AM

Our next meeting will be Thursday, May 13 at 6:00 pm Zoom 867 1661 9589, password 334886.


Melanie Beck Sat 15 May 2021 5:05PM

Our next meeting for Zonal Visibility work group will be Thursday, May 20 at 6:00 pm Zoom 867 1661 9589, password 334886. Please review the WSZF video and pick out what grabs your attention to include in the video we would like to use.


Amy Langley Wed 19 May 2021 2:33PM

Hey all, Thursday's do not work for me to meet for this group - is there any other channel we are communicating amongst one another?


Melanie Beck Thu 20 May 2021 2:48PM

We are not communicating on another channel. We can discuss with the group if another day is available.


Eileen George Thu 20 May 2021 3:38PM

I am only available on Mondays/Fidays from 5:30-6:45. Just so you know.


Melanie Beck Fri 21 May 2021 1:40AM

Dave and I met tonight at 6pm. We discussed the video. No decisions were made. Please join us next Thursday, May 27, at 6pm. Zoom ID: 867 1661 9589, password 334886.