Mon 12 Aug 2013 9:04AM

What are some ways people can create wealth in a hybrid RBE?

JG Jammie Gregory Public Seen by 16

There are many forms of wealth, but in this world we need to know how to create money from the land we buy and from the human resource we have, we need to prove that by truly working together people can produce far more profit. What are some odd jobs that people could quickly learn to make money, like crafts? What is going to happen if 50 people show up to some place and half of them can't find jobs in the city right away given these economic times, we need backup plans for things people can do to make easy money, like fixing up old cars and reselling them, or fabricating solar panels from kits, we need to plan for the worst but expect the best.


Gene Cox Wed 14 Aug 2013 3:23AM

Build alternative gardening systems, alternative (clean) energy systems, collect rainwater, create freeshare library businesses, learn to make or refurbish clothing. Many ways, but I see these as the top.


Blaine Smith Fri 16 Aug 2013 9:56PM

If we connect to the grid we could sell excess electricity to get a solid income, and that way if the price of electricity goes up we just get more money. Or we could build eco-home in the community or else where and sell them, in this case it would be an idea to build them closer to a city where the occupants if they choice can remain in the current system till the collapse, then they will be more likely to join us after. Cause if we build them in the community, what idiot would buy a house if they could just join the community and get a custom one for free. We could sell excess food that we grow, and on that note we could even build vertical farms within cities and sell the produce for cheaper than in a store. We could build and sell energy generators of all shapes and sizes. And eventually technology permit send up satellites into orbit and sell our own communication systems for cheaper than anyone else. Or start an eco-global transport system the transport people and goods anywhere on earth of cheap or free. Or start a space tourism thing. And of course once the time comes when we have a business in every field and are able to do it without human labor in any part of the construction process we can give the products for free and truly screw the system. Ok, I may have been getting a little excited on the space stuff haha ;)


Jammie Gregory Sat 17 Aug 2013 12:23AM

Some good ideas, some companies won't buy back electricity though, I know Arkansas won't and they make it their job to try and talk you out of going solar also. Eco-homes if they aren't up to code I'm not sure if they can be sold...I don't know how that works, but if we bought a nice chunk of land and created a really cool natural and self-sustaining tiny city out of it, it would certainly be worth a lot more to someone or some group of people, maybe that could be a business itself at the end of it, creating tiny self-sustaining cities, then selling them and moving to the next bigger project.


Thomas A. Anderson Tue 8 Oct 2013 1:52AM

there are a multitude of materials that there is a deceit of, we just need to target them and then wade through to find the ones can can be sustainably made. I know a lot of what we consider difficult to make turns out is not that hard at all. take for instance that water glass can be easily made from lye and glass, and we can get the glass in abundance or even just sand and quartz. now where do we get the lye, well one way is to use a battery, and two containers with water in both and one having salt (table) dissolved in it, and a piece of absorption material like a paper towel draped into both to create a bridge that the water and dissolved contents can travel across but the harder to dissolve ones don't and out of this we get sodium hydroxide in one side and either chlorine gas or chlorinated metals, one of which can be sold is ferric chloride. using a copper electrode on that side also would make copper chloride, and many of these things can then be used to manufacture things like iron or copper doped graphitic carbon nitride which uses sunlight to crack water to extract the oxygen and hydrogen, all with out an electricity at all. and graphitic carbon nitride is some intensely expensive stuff, try 10 grams for 1000 pounds (not sure on conversion to dollars but I know it is a LOT more than 1000 dollars, and we can make that from cooking down urea which is only 20 bucks for 50 pounds of pure urea (sold as fertilizer to get nitrogen into the soil) here in the US at ace hardware. I am also looking at the fact that we can use water glass and any acid substance to make quartz if done slowly and low temp or heated it produces silica gel like the stuff in desiccants which are really just zeolites and very useful for stuff like water purification if they are not contaminated to make them change color when wet or dry. couple this with the fact that we can use all of the above and more to make custom zeolites that build or crack molecules apart like a catalyst to make needed stuff from waste products and you get a whole multitude of eligible assets to sell off, as well as a whole cornucopia of semi exotic chemicals to do research into say crystal batteries, or development of any number of other useful products that can then be sold and use the money to get more land and expand until we have full size city like the venus project people keep dreaming of but have done nothing to make happen.


Thomas A. Anderson Tue 8 Oct 2013 1:53AM

*deficit not deceit sorry, auto spell strikes again.


Blaine Smith Wed 9 Oct 2013 2:34AM

There are many ways to many wealth, I sure we will find many ways once we know what we have. But first I think we should focus on starting it and ourselves sustainable.


Thomas A. Anderson Sat 26 Oct 2013 9:47AM

something else that seems to need some investigation. I am seeing that there is a large interest in super or ultra sand, (graphene coated sand) for use as a filtration component, and I am thinking that using sodium silicate and the byproduct of mixing sodium hydroxide and sugar, to mix into a solution evenly and adding hydrochloric or sulfuric acid to render the sodium silicate into a very porous silicagel and stripping the hydrogen and oxygen violently from the sugar leaving all the carbon free to bond to something, should make a zeolite coated in graphene, making a substance that will make even ultrasand look like wooden blocks next to the nasa shuttle when it comes to effectiveness of cleaning and purifying liquids. I am working on a method of building crystal batteries that should be more effective than even standard batteries and not really need recharging ever. Let me know if anyone wants to seriously work on some of this with the intent of all excess profits from anything we do, going toward purchase of quality land, and getting people who are not nearby to the location :)