Mon 2 May 2016 9:24AM

Ouishare Fest: The Hub space

EG Elena Giroli Public Seen by 334

this is a fast post to let you know that this year we have a dedicated space, called the HUB, to promote the OuiShare activities and Communities during the 3-day.
We have couple of ideas on how to make the most out of this area:
- presentation of different projects: POC21, Sharitories, Mag, Radio
- Introducing OS communities in different countries (maybe having cnnectors coming and dedicate time to introduce theire communities..)
- showing members faces & contacts

Why I'm writing this post?
1) IDEAS: if you have any suggestions on what would you like to have, see or co-create @ the HUB, please share it!:)
2) AVAILABILITY: we need couple of people interested in helping, supporting and doing shifts in order to guarantee a person all the time..
3) :smiley: i wanted to try the Loomio publication for the first time.

Ps. I know that couple of people have expressed their willing to help already.. that's Awesome!! so please raise you hand/Thumb or contact me directly:) so we can start rock this HUB out!

Have a fantastic day!



Alexandre Bigot-Verdier Mon 2 May 2016 1:34PM

That is a great idea!
We will be 5 peolple from the quebec community on the fest and we had the will of promoting 2 of our work :


Elena Giroli Mon 2 May 2016 1:48PM

super!!!!!!!!! :) i put you on the list!:)


Maud Mon 2 May 2016 2:45PM

I'll be happy to make a slot to speak about local community in France (Rouen), and why not to speak about OuiShare / summits etc !


Alexandre Bigot-Verdier Mon 2 May 2016 2:50PM

Yeah, you are right,
we shoud also present the Summit in north amrica and benefit from the enthousism of the fest to make the people book their trip!


Claudine Revol Mon 2 May 2016 4:49PM

pocpocpoc :) We already have faircap coming and ready to help ! Let's send a message to others project holder from poc21 no ?


Lucía Hernández Wed 4 May 2016 10:12AM

@elenagiroli cool If I have time sure I can stay there to attend people interested in Spanish community :) Besos


Bernie J Mitchell Tue 10 May 2016 7:25AM

I'm in!
1. "Art table" Colouring in books so people can relax, chat and be creative.
2. Podcasting (of course!)
3. A board where people can put "what they need" and "what they have" - something around this? https://ouishare-talent.sharetribe.com/ (this needs some thought)
4. Ask people from each active OuiShare project to come and hang out for a Q&A - (like @maud1 suggested.)
5. People to bring Avocados for me.
6. Start the OuiShare Summit conversation here? So when we get to Romania we are more connected on each others projects and communities​?