Sat 7 Mar 2020 10:13PM

Defining council roles

JM Jodi Meadows Public Seen by 31

It is time to designate roles within the council so each member can begin to organize their ideas, actions and needs. I propose that these roles be defined by the spring equinox, March 19th, so we can each use the momentum of spring to bud and blossom toward fruition.


Jodi Meadows Sat 7 Mar 2020 10:18PM

I have sent an invitation to view this thread to those who have already registered here to use Loomio as our communication channel. I noticed that not everyone has joined here. Josh, Melissa and Delaney still need to activate their invitation in order to participate. Can someone reach out to them and ask if they still intend to be part of this council?

For those already here, please use this thread to introduce yourself, give a little history on your relationship to and participation with Ecotopia (at Cascadia festival and beyond), and then describe or list your unique skills and desired contributions to this event. Feel free to create a title for yourself, or ask for input from others.