2022 August Monthly Guild Wide meeting Notes

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Hi beautiful guild mates,

Thanks for all the dialogue at the meeting last night. As Max said, let's keep action as well as ideation going and hold each other accountable. 

August Guild wide meeting High level summary 

8/3 Wed 5:30pm EST - 

Facilitator; Carlos, 

Secretary; Jacquie & Dave

Agenda Doc (Click Here)

1) Cafe - Soft Open & Grand Open 9/1/2022

- Cafe is classified as a Kiosk. Aside from their hour, everything must be closed and protected. 

- Join them for their Jamaican Independence on Sat 8/6 10am-5pm

2) Take Action

- New Membership Structure is being implemented. Let BOARD know whether you'll be a Stewarding member or Practitioner by Aug 14th. 

- Newsletter/IG post submission - 8/10 Wed at 5pm with Blurb/Photo/Links 

- Take out trash when the bin is at 75%!!! 

3) Upcoming Guild Activities (hosting member) 

  • 8/6  Cafe is hosting 10am-5pm Jamaican Independence Day

  • 8/10 basement visioning meeting 5pm

  • 8/16  Physical Day of Care - focus on Meditation Room and 2nd Floor 

  • 8/18 ComForCare 11-3pm Livingroom (Yuko) 

  • 8/20 Netrunner tournament + FUN night - (Dave + Jacquie)

  • 8/21  Iris’s AI workshop - (Dave) / cybernetics library

  • 8/23 Physical Day of Care - Focus on the 3rd floor and Basement 

  • 8/26 Future of Marketplace 4pm-12am (Yuko) 

  • 8/31 Digital Day of Care 

  • 9/16-18 Mixed Asian Media Fest (Yuko)

  • 9/30 Be Social Change (Jacquie)

Next GuildWide meeting is Sept 7 Wednesday

If you have any questions, please let us know. :)

Love and light



Max Mon 22 Aug 2022 10:58PM

Something still left unresolved from this thread, we will need to make a final call and move on our financial rescue plans immediately, lets plan to decide on some options to move forward for Sept-Dec in the upcoming September guild meeting.

Some suggested proposals (not exclusive, can do any mix of them):

-Max to independently coordinate emergency grants for the venue

*Requires direct (payment) or indirect (dues reduction) funding from the guild

-Event hosting ramp-up

*Requires active management of multiple accounts on various hosting platforms as well as sharing of actual hosting responsibilities

-Fundraising opportunities (Tony, Nicola, Programming Partners)

*Need to structure and schedule these engagements as well as estimate their capacity to raise real dollars to ensure we are not short by EOY

Any thoughts on this, interest in supporting any of these prong and/or other ideas? Please share them!


Camille Acey Sat 10 Sep 2022 7:56PM

I feel like I brought up something at this meeting about formalizing an offboarding process for people who want to leave and those who want to put their membership "on hold" but I don't think it is was captured in the notes. Just jotting it down here for posterity. I feel like there should be some nominal charge for holding a spot for a person.