NZ Music Month - Where's All the CC Kiwi Music At?

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It's May, and as anyone who doesn't live in a cave in the bush knows, that means its NZ Music Month. I've announced on GNU Social/ Twitter that all the CC music I promote for the rest of the month will be kiwi music, and I'll be adding everything I find to the documentation for the Commons Sounds project. A couple of questions for all the keen commoners out there:
* are there any CC events planned around the country to tie in with NZMM? If so, where and when, and how can we help promote them?
* if not, is there any way we can throw something together on the fly? (Can't see it happen in Ōtepoti although I'm keen as if any other Dunedinites are)
* would this be a good time to start planning some stuff for next year's NZMM? We could use this thread to brainstorm some possibilities (eg some shows by musicians who have used CC licenses to raise funds for some music specific CC ANZ projects), and maybe even do some organising together?

Brainstorm for NZMM 2018
* fundraising shows featuring artists who support CC
* Wikipedia hackathon to improve coverage of kiwi music, liaising with the NZ Music Task Force
* A CC mixtape download bundle, both for publicity, and as a way of demonstrating a CC business model while fundraising for CC ANZ.


Mandy Henk Tue 9 May 2017 12:03AM

I had no idea it was Music Month--but then I don't really follow the music industry at all. I think it comes from having grown up in Nashville! At this point, I don't think there's much we can do this year, but let's put it on the planning calendar so we can see what we can pull together for next year. This looks like a great opportunity for us :)


Danyl Strype Tue 9 May 2017 4:47AM

Oh dear! I'm not seriously implying that you live in a cave in the woods ;) More info about NZMM can be found here:


Danyl Strype Tue 9 May 2017 4:55AM

NZMM is a pretty big deal in Aotearoa. It includes a NZ Music Week, where many radio stations play 100% kiwi music for the whole week (including most if not all student stations and I think National Radio too), and a huge number of live shows, workshops, and special events. CC hasn't had huge uptake in kiwi music yet. I think participating in events like NZMM is a good opportunity to connect more with kiwi musicians, make the for CC licensing of music in general, and talks honestly about the pros and cons of each license option as it applies to songs, albums, music videos etc.


Danyl Strype Tue 9 May 2017 12:44PM

One possible thing we could organise for NZMM 2018 is a Wikipedia hackathon, where we improve the range, depth, and quality of articles about kiwi music acts on Wikipedia. This would contribute to a CC-licensed commons, but wouldn't limit us to focusing only on kiwi musicians who have used CC licenses up to now. The Hackathon could also improve kiwi music coverage in other online databases (eg discography databases) licensed under CC.

This could take a couple of forms. The simplest to organise would be to announce some datas and times in advance of NZMM, and coordinate people participating via internet using some kind of live chat (a Mumble room?), and maybe an Etherpad for brainstorming and allowing people to put their names by specific tasks. More ambitious would be to get as many as people in a room or rooms, with snacks, for the full hackathon experience.

EDIT: Wikipedia has a NZ Music Task Force we could liaise with.


Danyl Strype Wed 10 May 2017 12:33PM

One thing I've noticed as I search for kiwi music under CC license is that I can't find any music online for many of the musicians featured in case studies on the CC ANZ site, at least not with clear CC licensing information. In some cases the case study pages have suffered linkrot. For future case studies, it would be good to make sure that a representative sample of the CC work is uploaded to Archive.org or another location that is likely to survive into the future, with links there from the case study.


Stuart Yeates Wed 10 May 2017 8:43PM

I have experience organizing and running wikipedia workshops and hackathons. I also have experience cleaning up after them.

I'm certainly willing to help run the wikipedia side of things but I'm not really proficient at the organizing physical space and logistics side of things.



Stuart Yeates Wed 10 May 2017 11:52PM

Basically for a hackathon there are two options. Either you're creating new articles or you're improving existing ones.

If you're creating new articles you need a list of new articles to create, which in this case might be a list of historical kiwi #1 hits; a list of historical award winners;a list of entries in a third party independent biography of New Zealand music; or similar. This ensures that the articles can be pre-screened to meet the 'notability' requirement You also need a template, in this case a skeleton biography with links to likely sources in the comments. This ensures that the articles look half decent and the creators can find appropriate sources.

If you're improving articles you need a list (potentially https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:New_Zealand_musicians / https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_New_Zealand_musicians ) and a list of third party independent sources.

Note that any group funded for industry promotion (think http://sounz.org.nz/, https://www.nzonscreen.com/, etc) is not considered independent.



Danyl Strype Thu 11 May 2017 1:58AM

In previous years the National Library have released a CC mixtape for NZMM (link to 2012 example). For 2018, we could try releasing one using the HumbleBundle approach, inviting supporters to pay-what-you-want for downloads, and splitting the proceeds 50/50 between the artists and CC ANZ. This would be an opportunity to demonstrate the viability of CC business models, and raise funds, perhaps for a specific project or projects (maybe music-relates ones?).


Danyl Strype Wed 17 May 2017 5:18AM

Turns out the Turnbull Mixtapes are still coming out. There's been one every year since 2012 (except for 2015), including one for NZMM 2017.


Danyl Strype Wed 24 May 2017 7:36AM

I've started a page for listing CC-licensed kiwi music releases on the P2P Foundation wiki. There are three tables, one for albums, one for EPs (mini-albums), and one for singles. The tables are sortable, so although the default order is by year, you can click on each column to reorder the view (alphabetical by release title, artist name, genre etc). The default license on the P2PF wiki is CC-BY-SA, so feel free to make copies of this or re-use it in any way you like.

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