Mon 5 Nov 2018 5:31PM

Institute outcomes: awesome-coops list of resources

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One idea which popped up at institute was the need to know about what tools are already out there for cooperatives, especially ones that allow self-hosting and are free / open source.

"awesome" lists have become popular recently for this purpose - git repos which serve as references to all the awesome resources about specific topics. For example, here's a relevant one on tools for activists: https://github.com/drewrwilson/toolsforactivism

Perhaps tools that we have made or know about belong on that list, or a separate one that is more specifically for cooperatives.

Let's use this thread to start a collection of what should be on such a list, and anything you come across in your research!


Alli Nilles Mon 5 Nov 2018 5:34PM

A few other lists I found just now, specifically about tech cooperatives: https://github.com/hng/tech-coops/ https://github.com/mttmyr/awesome-tech-cooperatives


Jimmy Coyer Mon 5 Nov 2018 5:48PM


I made a Loomio account, but after signing in, I was unable to use the group invitation link in your email to access the group. Could you send it to me again?

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Alli Nilles Mon 5 Nov 2018 5:59PM

Hi Nikki,
Here's the invite link: https://www.loomio.org/join/group/ba61ef2dcf6c1a1fd918/
The group is also open, so you can go to https://www.loomio.org/explore and search for "Students of Cooperative Technologies" to join.


Captain Mon 5 Nov 2018 6:40PM

I've started collecting a few Awesome lists that I like under a GitLab repo titled Awesome Arrays; https://gitlab.com/shipsahoy/m/aa
Highlights include Self-Hosted, HTML, CSS, JS, Node.js, C, Python, Django, TCL, SysAdmin (2 of them), SSH, Shell, PenTesting, Lockpicking...


Captain Mon 5 Nov 2018 6:47PM

As for coop-specific FOSS... that may take some time... and perhaps deliberation on a "main language" for cloning/hacking these things. Naturally, I nominate Python for the job.


Captain Mon 5 Nov 2018 7:13PM

ActivityStreams and ScuttleButt seem like the most promising social network protocols I've seen so far. I'm not entirely sure which is easiest to implement, but there are a few implementations to learn from.

Linked: 1: Socialhome, 2: Activity Stream, 3: Federation, 4: Stream-Framework