Sun 18 Feb 2018 10:16PM

Should children be able to have their own accounts? And update from Greymouth Street fair stand

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Hello, we are up and running! Time Bank West Coast made it's first public appearance yesterday - we had a stand at the Greymouth Street fair, where we sold homemade bread, falafel, miso, sauerkraut and dips. We had some children helping out with preparing the food and the question arose how to deal with that.
The system is currently set up for adults only - these were the default options and I didn't change them. But what about it? Should children just run under their parents accounts or should they be able to manage their own transactions?
I whipped up some flyers yesterday and used the preliminary logo. File attached, comments welcome.
Thanks to New Coasters for organising the stand for us and CoRe for the use of their printer.

P.S.: We made some profit on the market and on the New Coasters Committee meeting yesterday it was decided to split the profits between Incredible Edible ($175), Time Bank ($175) and make a donaton to New Coasters ($50) for organising the stand and paying for stand fees and printing.
I am planning to open up a bank account for Time Bank West Coast with Kiwi Bank. I believe that it will be free of charge.
We gave out about 40 flyers. I am hoping that some more people will sign up and that we'll reach a critical mass of offers and requests soon, to make the Time Bank functional.


Adele Sun 18 Feb 2018 10:25PM


I saw the stall but thought it was incredible edible. Kids should come under their parents probably I think.




Fiona Pollard Mon 19 Feb 2018 1:03AM

flyers look good - lots of good info
well done


Richard Hsieh Mon 19 Feb 2018 6:36AM

My opinion is that children should have their own account. it would be a good practice to learn about time banking.

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