Use of Trust Cloud To Confirm Community Transparency & Validate Current Admins

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IMHO, there are two kinds of moles.

1.) Well meaning persons who can’t control their confusion. This type is hard to spot, and when you try to get rid of it, the full weight of “acceptable community standards” prevents you from getting rid of it. Sacramento has one of these today.

2.) Inadvertent or intentional vicious persons originating from whatever corner. These may or may not be government agents or socio-paths.

Either type succeeds by causing the group’s members to accuse each other, with the mole always appearing to somehow hold the politically correct high ground.

I'm citing the pain from last Friday's Structure WG conference call. It caused two people from Sacramento and one person from Southern California, who were on that call, to “quit”, amidst accusations against each other, and accusations from "leaders" on the call. The “mole's" manipulation made it seem that he had the high moral ground. Or that by listening to him it was best for the group.

Does the National group have someone of the first type that is intimately active with us today, causing our pain? Making us think the pain came from us!? And that he has no fault?

Or will we be plauged by one of the second type? If its just an official, trying to set us up the way people in Earth First were set up and then given stiff jail sentences, I think we will be able to spot them. On the other hand, although I am preparing our own internal and group-wise security protections, things could get dicey.

Please lay into me if the answer is no. I don’t really enjoy writing these things. :-((


Mon 30 Jun 2014 7:18PM

I have no particular desire to admin these groups, but if I did, I've no history of Facebook or Twitter, so I'd get a low score (maybe no score). Seems like an arbitrary discriminatory policy. (I'd block but the reframing of "Block" squelches that.)


Justin Wed 18 Jun 2014 5:39AM

I'm not sure you read the proposal & what voting a BLOCK means.

Games are great but not why I'm here comrades

TO refresh you on the choices & what voting block means


YES= This is a great idea, Ill make one now!
ABSTAIN= The idea is good, Ill make one if Im already an admin, otherwise.. eh
NO= The idea is not good, Im not making one
BLOCK= I’m a mole gaming OWS pls BAN Me


Sally G Wed 18 Jun 2014 7:53PM

Was the description writer/editor on the Friday call, or did he listen to it? (not sure who put in the description) I disagree with the statement made. Anonymous and the Zapatistas use masks for a reason; I would honor their perception of danger and/or their intention to put focus on their cause rather than themselves.


Justin Wed 18 Jun 2014 8:06PM

Sally please go look at Trust Cloud. It uses platforms you already use. No need to inject your personal politics or to speak for others during a conversation about establishing community trust in a very narrow setting.

Handling community resources & personal anonymity are two separate matters. If you are going to front line an online asset you cannot do so from behind monikers & multiple accounts.

In the end this is not about 'life situations' but movement work flow.


Sally G Wed 18 Jun 2014 9:44PM

Good points, Justin. I will check it out.


Tricia Thu 19 Jun 2014 11:41PM

I signed up and have a score of 748 https://trustcloud.com/!/Matericia


Daniel Hong Fri 20 Jun 2014 2:41PM

I signed up and have a score of 722.


Sally G Sat 21 Jun 2014 5:47PM

What happens for those not on Facebook, Linked In, etc.? The site indicates that the service is “currently free”, which suggests possibility of being a paid service in the future—we will be finished with NatGat by then, of course, so may be moot. Do we know anything more about the founders? There is not much actual company information on the page.


Justin Sun 22 Jun 2014 8:08PM

Folks not on FB & Twitter wont be stepping up to manage the social media.



Justin Sun 22 Jun 2014 8:09PM

Ps these sites will always be free. Please check the parinoia. Not relevant here to the topic of transparency in relation to admin access of assets

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