Voting Education in Schools

BB Blake Bedford-Palmer Public Seen by 9

We should have election and voting education in all schools, teaching about how it all works including MMP so they understand how their vote counts and how important it is.



Colin Smith Tue 8 Aug 2017 9:46AM

This should be part of social studies. They should look at what promises the winning party had made and then examine how they had managed to achieve the there promises - or not.

They should be shown how they rob Peter in order that they can pay Paul.

They should also be shown how the media puts "Spin" on truth/lies in attempts to move public opinion.

That way they can be more critical in their choice of parties and leaders.


Tane Harre Tue 8 Aug 2017 9:52AM

Yes. We should.

(Can we also have protest day in schools? Children should be taught to protest. It doesn't matter what it is over. Just that if they see something they don't like it is OK, actually expected, that they should stand up for it.)