more options for non-diaspora users to interact with diaspora

T thomas Public Seen by 117

at the moment i assume for most people active on diaspora, most of their friends or acquaintances are not on diaspora. most of them are unlikely to join in the near future. and there are not really any ways for non-diaspora users to interact with diaspora.

if comments (to begin with) were allowed from other social networks, or anonymously/ with captcha, then users could use diaspora a bit like a blog, where anyone could join the discussion regardless of preferred social network. so generally speaking, my suggestion is to add options for non-diaspora users to interact with content on diaspora. and more specifically, this could be done by implementing some kind of anonymous commenting function where the user is able to approve/disapprove of comments to his/her post?


mathis Sun 21 Apr 2013 7:08PM

non- diaspora users should interact only with public posts, and should have the possibility to share them on other social network..not only with simple link.


Ravenbird Sun 21 Apr 2013 7:12PM

Nice idea! So it is possible to make diaspora known


Brent Bartlett Mon 22 Apr 2013 3:52AM

I really, really like this idea. You could create a randomly-generated string for the posting ID of an anonymous poster, and set it with a cookie. That way, if the same poster came back and commented again, you'd be able to tell.

Of course, if somebody wanted to sock-puppet, it'd be super easy...they could just delete the cookie. It's better than having total anonymity, though, like 4chan.


Rasmus Fuhse Mon 22 Apr 2013 8:26AM

Nice idea. I was once thinking about the ability of letting users participate in discussions with their email-adress.


L3MNcakes Wed 24 Apr 2013 11:29PM

Yes! I think this is an excellent idea, however, I think it would be generous to give users the option to decide whether posts can be commented on by non-D* users. This can either be on a post-to-post basis or just an over-all profile setting (or both?)

Onto the technical stuff. I have previously worked on an app where we tried to pull Facebook comments into our app and aggregate them with comments made in our own system. We eventually had to throw the idea out because the only way the app could know about new Facebook comments on a post was to actually hit the Facebook API every so often and check if any new comments have been posted. This gets pretty expensive. If say, somebody had a million posts all posted to Facebook, D* would have to hit the Facebook API a million times to see if any new comments have been made that should be added to D*. I can't speak for other APIs, but just wanted to give my experiences trying something like this.


Jason Robinson Fri 3 May 2013 6:54AM

I was actually thinking of this today as well, was planning to do a blog post and kind of annoying that Diaspora* posts get buried easily under all the short posts and also only members can comment.

Would be great to be able to mark public posts as "Featured" for example and another possibility to allow public comments on them. Of course this all would add extra stuff to federation but it would be a nice thing to push towards when thinking about those things.


thomas Sat 17 Aug 2013 9:40AM

I think i would also like to be able to on a per-post-basis create unique links to the post, with the following features:
* view the post and comment
* link expiry date

this way i could simply send (eg. email/tweet/text) the link to anyone i wanted to read my post.


goob Sat 17 Aug 2013 11:30AM

@thomas , you can already provide a direct link to a public post, which non-members can read. Just put your cursor over the 'time-stamp' (eg 'about 8 hours ago') above the post, and copy the link therein. You can tweet this link or whatever you want to do, and as long as it's a public post, even non-members can follow the link and read the post.


thomas Sat 17 Aug 2013 12:47PM

@Goob i know, but one may not want the post to be public, or public only for a limited time. With this example above, one can effectively add non-diaspora members to an aspect and still retain control over its visibility to others. Also one may want a specific post to not be seen by everyone in the contact list, but still acessible to others, who are not on diaspora.


Nick Sat 17 Aug 2013 2:58PM

Hey, this is something I'd support: I think it's also related to these two suggestions/discussions, which taken together amount to federation of diaspora with email:
- private messages and email: https://www.loomio.org/discussions/5304
- aspects and email contacts: https://www.loomio.org/discussions/5305


mathis Sat 17 Aug 2013 3:27PM

i agree, non -diaspora user should comment on public posts


Michael Dagn Thu 24 Oct 2013 3:39PM

yes I think for fully public posts making them easier for people to find or reshare is a good thing.

regarding comments (from non-diaspora people) , I think letting anyone comment on public posts is also nice, but care must also be taken to keep spambots out - letting people post by using their account on another network would be preferable where possible, but for anyone not able to authenticate at all it would probably need to resort to doing stuff like displaying a different and sneaky version of the form designed to make it harder for spambots to do any automated posting.


StarBlessed Sat 2 Nov 2013 12:06PM

I came across a Drupal module that cut my spam by almost 99% in the last 3 months. Its called Spamicide : https://drupal.org/project/spamicide

For those who are familiar, you will understand how it works, for those who don't, Ill give you quick run down.

It adds an extra field to a form that is hidden in CSS. The user cannot see this field, and therefore does not put anything into it.

A Spam Bot will look into the code and see ALL of the fields. It will then proceed to fill them all with garbage.

Should the hidden field contain any data when posted, it is automatically rejected as spam. If the field is empty when submitted, it is accepted.

If this is combined with say a GD library style capcha, I think this would fill the needs of avoiding spam/spam bots.


Christos Koulaxizis Sun 3 Nov 2013 7:14AM

That's a great idea!! It will help "bloggers" to interact better with their audience, plus Diaspora will become more known to other people! :)


Pirate Praveen Mon 4 Nov 2013 4:48PM

At the moment commenting with another pod even don't work if you get the post url from a different pod.

For example if I share link to a post using poddery.com link, users from other pods can't comment there.

If you are not logged in, comment button should still be there. And login form should have a link - 'Sign in with another pod'.

Every post has a unique id across pods and the comment form should appear on commenting users pod using the unique post id.

This would be a very good start.


Alexander Uvizhev Mon 31 Mar 2014 6:31PM

Good point to start here is to look at how LiveJournal.com implemented this feature. Anyone can come and comment if it's allowed. I attached two pics to show this.

In general this is a bright idea because it will help to bring new users to D*. That's because D* users will get a chance to post a content ready for feedback (everyone is eager to receive more comments). And then it gives more content => more visitors from other social networks => D* becomes more familiar to those strangers and finally more attractive.