Tue 11 Dec 2018 10:45PM

Rebranding the Governance Meeting to Giveth DAC Meeting

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Tension: While reworking the wiki with Josh I'm again seeing that the naming of this meeting can be confusing, it always has been to me. It would be great if the governance circle would organize governance meetings to discuss all things happening in the governance circle that is linked to its goals (internal & external gov experimentation), but that is not exactly what we do in this meeting. We sometimes use the holacratic governance meeting model for this meeting - and that is probably why we use this name - but very often it is a fireside chat as well. What this meeting is about is the 'management' of the Giveth DAC, so that is how I propose to name it, so people know what to expect during such a meeting.

We have a Comms Circle Meeting, Social Coding Circle Meeting and DApp Dev Circle Meeting. We have no Governance Circle Meeting (which was a conscious decision at the time). We do have a meeting to discuss the overall governance of the Giveth DAC that comprises these four circles. This is the Giveth DAC Meeting.

Rename our weekly Governance Meeting to Giveth DAC Meeting.

If this passes I will take it upon me to change the naming in the appropriate places.
This will help people to distinguish better between governance initiatives and experimentation (which they can model for their own DAO/DACs) and Giveth DAC activities. (will make nav on the wiki easier/clearer too!)


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Kris is
Tue 11 Dec 2018 11:00PM

See points in proposal itself and in the thread


Michael Roberts
Wed 12 Dec 2018 5:21AM

I find the the name Giveth DAC equally challenging. I think you need one place for the 'team' to hang out once a week. I would argue it should be called the Giveth 'team meeting' because it's easily understood. Its a general team meeting that lets people update each other on what they are doing, management points etc. It becomes the one key weekly meeting for Giveth whereas all other meetings are more focused and specific to comms, fundraising, social coding, dapp etc.


Griff Green
Wed 12 Dec 2018 6:28AM

Sounds good!


Wed 12 Dec 2018 4:54PM

Seems to support the conversations around the future and direction of Giveth


Wed 12 Dec 2018 5:13PM

More visibility for DAC is a good thing.


Wed 12 Dec 2018 7:31PM

lots of comments in the thread :)


Thu 13 Dec 2018 3:40PM

Reading through all this - I am not sure where I stand. On one hand we invented this fancy DAC term, on the other governance is an overblown word in blockchain, but I like Loreleis points about tradition and that indeed this is the one meeting that always in the end was about governance.

To bring some chaos: We could also name it "The weekly meeting" =)


Kris is Tue 11 Dec 2018 10:49PM

This is what the Governance circle is about: "Giveth aims to be a breeding ground for governance experiments and make these accessible to the outside world through the use of blockchain technology. With the Giveth DAC we are experimenting and documenting anything that could be useful for future decentralized communities like ours (through concepts like Holacracy, RewardDAO, Liquid Pledging and more). At the same time, when we run into problems with our projects, we look outwards and unite people through initiatives such as scaling, signaling, block explorers and the decentralization of everything!" So if we ever have a governance circle meeting, these should be the topics. By rebranding the current meeting to Giveth DAC I hope we can create the opportunity for someone to one day organize a regular meeting that covers all the above topics on a regular basis :)


Dani Tue 11 Dec 2018 11:00PM

I thought this was the Governance Circle meeting, correspondent to the Governance Room. And that the Unicorn room is for the Giveth DAC 'core people', with governance being managed via Loomio and the Governance Circle / Meeting.

Does it make sense to change what is known by the Governance meeting, I don't know.. seems more logical to adjust the content of the meeting - and establish a DAC meeting if one is needed.

Also how is 'Management' different from 'Governance' ? Hmm. I found this as it relates to cooperatives:

"Governance refers to oversight and decision-making related to strategic direction, financial planning, and bylaws- the set of core policies that outline the organization's purpose, values, and structure. Governance decisions should provide guidelines for management. "
"Management refers to the routine decisions and administrative work related to the daily operations of the organization. Management decisions should support or implement goals and values defined by governing bodies (such as the Board of Directors) and documents (such as the bylaws). "

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