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Funding Ideas

EJ Ellen Jorgensen Public Seen by 91

Small grants and private donations have always been helpful in keeping community lab spaces such as BwoB alive. In the past we have survived on a combination of membership dues, class revenue and the occasional grant/donation. I am starting this thread to gather ideas from the community specifically for raising cash (not donations of supplies or services) since the overwhelmingly major expense is the rent on the space. So if you know of any discretionary funding, small grants, or folks who might be passionate about the existence of a community lab in Queens please list them here. It would be extraordinarily helpful as we go forward, and greatly appreciated!


Ellen Jorgensen Wed 22 Feb 2023 1:43PM

This one may not be a great fit, but I just got emailed about it. The JMKaplan fund is giving out money to organizations for "early stage projects in the environment, heritage conservation and social justice" https://www.jmkfund.org/


Emily Sat 25 Feb 2023 5:44PM

This option looks really promising, Ellen!


Emily Sat 25 Feb 2023 5:49PM

I think it would be great to highlight the different environmental projects that people in the space are working on, highlight education pathways through the lab with youth, and how important community lab spaces are for the community in terms of accessibility


Danny Thu 2 Mar 2023 4:11PM

@Emily are you speaking in general or in regards to a specific grant?


Emily Thu 2 Mar 2023 4:56PM

I was speaking on that idea directly!


Danny Thu 2 Mar 2023 7:41PM

@Emily Roger that, thanks for your input. I'm not sure if we will go for this particular grant but if we do we will certainly consider your input :D


j sinopoli Tue 28 Feb 2023 1:04AM

it sounds silly, but you can ask ChatGPT for groups known to give grants, then get more specific

such as: ' please list charities, agencies, organizations, businesses or anyone else known to give operational grants to community science non profits'

BwoB may also qualify for state funding https://grantsmanagement.ny.gov/


Yuriy Fazylov Wed 1 Mar 2023 8:07AM

@j sinopoli thanks for the idea.

having no focus of what bwob research focus is today or for the near future I asked: what type of grants can a biotech 501(c)(3) apply for?

The answer I got was: #1 Federal gov grants, #4 Corporate grants: Biotech companies and pharmaceutical companies may offer grants to support nonprofit organizations that are working on research and development projects that align with their own mission and values. #5 Local gov grants.

I maybe kicking myself down the line for offering this, but there is a recent thread among all of the corporate, federal, and local government donner class. It brings underrepresentation into focus. They were underrepresented. We can fib about the need to bring underrepresented numbers up to par, even if it is, and give reasonings there onwards. On this basis alone no one can say "no." This brings me to my next question, just how private is this chat? are we really without borders or only people with passwords can see it?

I was thinking LabQ and local companies like it as both a recruitment pool, training their staff to use their tools, and a potential donner. I was advised to reach out to their [email protected] but if one knows who the accreditation and licensing is attributed to (info posted on their cite), a more direct rout can be found.

A lazy applicant could even inform ChatGPT on research and limitations of a community lab and find suitable grant opportunities and ease application process itself. The thing did help write, thesis papers albeit erroneous.


Danny Thu 2 Mar 2023 4:19PM

@Yuriy Fazylov What do you mean when you say "thread" in this passage?

there is a recent thread among all of the corporate, federal, and local government donner class. It brings underrepresentation into focus.

If you're are referencing something specific it would be great to have a link or something.


Yuriy Fazylov Fri 17 Mar 2023 5:21PM

@Danny I think its abbreviated as DEI? 🤔

sticky topic.

on second thought never mind.

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