Mon 12 May 2014 5:53PM


M Matilda Public Seen by 4

In this area we’ll be discussing what policies you believe in for commerce and taxes in the UK. You can propose any policy you see fit and people can discuss it here.


Marianne Farrar-Hockley Wed 14 May 2014 6:43PM

Taxes have to be set so that while they harvest the necessary funding to administer the business and personal environment, they don't stifle people's wish to work and become taxpayers.

They also need to be set to avoid negative incentives: if increasing a deserving colleague's salary causes him to rise into another tax band, and he and you prefer to give him a company car instead which isn't taxed, then the road is full of company cars that might have been better replaced either by a public transport allowance.

These things have to be set up so as to provide virtuous circles.


Matilda Wed 14 May 2014 7:40PM

Also, we need to create ensure that the highest rate of tax is set at a much higher rate, in line with the increased value of maximum incomes.


Pete Smith Tue 27 May 2014 8:01AM

Now that we've passed an initial decision on a citizen's income, does that affect taxation?

Initial idea: no tax on the amount of the citizen's basic income, and a Norwegian-style flat rate on all other income, benefits and gains, say 50%?


Matilda Sun 15 Jun 2014 10:47AM

Yes, this will effect taxation drastically, for one... we need a greater contributions from businesses that are not employee related. Something like a transaction tax. I wouldn't argue for a flat rate of tax myself, rather a smoothly graduated amount.