Mon 12 Mar 2018 1:22PM

Should Jacob R. Mogg be a speaker at the WSC?

MT Maggie Turner Public Seen by 330

It occurs to me that we should hear Mr R Mogg's case for Brexit and have the opportunity to question him. With a little forward planning and a well thought out approach with our questions we could do this in a small forum where he cannot dominate/ponificate and we can look him in the eye. Perhaps it is time we confronted him? If he doesn't want to address us that would be a story in itself.


Mark Baines Mon 12 Mar 2018 1:36PM

It would be interesting. I think it would have to be in the form of an adjudicated debate, otherwise he will dominate and seek to persuade. I can't imagine who would volunteer for either role!


Sally Long Mon 12 Mar 2018 2:03PM

There's a danger that the audience could become filled with his supporters. Also the likelihood of him accepting an invitation would be quite low.


Gitte Dawson Mon 12 Mar 2018 2:56PM

Still - I think it's worth a try! we would need to be VERY well prepared...


Claire Thomas Mon 12 Mar 2018 8:14PM

Personally, although I can see the appeal of trying to get at JRM in some way, we need to ask ourselves what real benefit will it bring to our campaign? Is it a good use of our limited resources? Will it distract from other activities we need to do? I think encouraging others ie his constituents to go and visit him as we discussed at our strategy meeting would be much more valuable and is just JRM doing his job. It doesn't give him any oxygen of publicity or opportunity to grandstand. Continuing to talk to his constituents and persuade them will also hurt him much more than our questions ever can. I do not want him to distract us from the important task of winning a second vote.


Ruth Malloy Mon 12 Mar 2018 9:30PM

Agree with Claire: we shouldn't give JRM any airtime.


Ian Bartle Tue 13 Mar 2018 9:57PM

I think it's great Maggie that you're coming up with all these interesting ideas. That said, on this one I agree with Claire and Ruth. It would be high risk (he, his team and supporters are well practised in this kind of thing) and need a lot of resource and preparation. For a chance of success we'd need to be very well prepared. As Claire said continuing to talk to his constituents etc probably better.