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Democracy in DiEM25 DSC:n ensimmäinen online-tapaaminen oli viime viikon keskiviikkona. Ryhmän tavoitteena on lisätä DiEMin sisäistä demokratiaa. Suomen diemiläisistä kokoukseen osallistuimme minä ja @villburn. Seuraava online kokous on tiistaina 11.10. klo 19.00 CET eli klo 20.00 Suomen aikaa. Kokousalustana tulee olemaan Mumble-niminen viestintäväline. Sen saa ladattua koneelleen täältä. http://www.mumble.com/ Ohjeet Mumblen lataamiseen ja käyttöön löytyy DiD DSC:n blogista: https://democracyindiem25.wordpress.com/tools/

Kokouksen agendaan pääsee vaikuttamaan täällä: https://toolsfordemocracy.titanpad.com/3? Toivottavasti mahdollisimman moni meistä pääsee kokoukseen!


Tuulia Reponen Mon 3 Oct 2016 1:58PM

Ensimmäisen DiD:n online-kokouksen pöytäkirja löytyy (englanniksi) täältä: https://democracyindiem25.wordpress.com/28092016-democracy-in-diem25-dsc-inaugural-meeting/


Lauri Snellman Mon 3 Oct 2016 4:43PM

Tuo vaikuttaa tosi hyvältä! DiEM tarvitsee todellakin netissä toimivaa keskustelualustaa. Koko projekti seisoo tai kaatuu muun muassa sisäisen demokratian varassa.

Keskustelitteko muuten sääntökommenteistani:

In English: The discussion looks great! DiEM needs an online discussion platform to link all the different DSCs and national/province organizations, because the project stands or falls (among other things) with internal democracy.


Ville Saarinen Mon 3 Oct 2016 4:50PM

Ei ehditty vielä keskustelemaan, Tuulia sitä hieman koitti mainostaa, ja jakoikin sen tuolla Slack-kanavalla. :) Mun mielestä varsinaiset muutosehdotukset ja analyysit ei ihan vielä oo ajankohtasia. Ihan ensin olis tärkeä saada prosessille puitteet kuntoon, eli yhteinen alusta, aikataulutus jne.

Haluatko Lauri muuten inviten tuonne Slack-kanavalle?


Lauri Snellman Mon 3 Oct 2016 5:16PM

Joo, laita vaan.


Tuulia Reponen Mon 10 Oct 2016 6:53AM

DiD oli lähettänyt sähköpostia seuraavan kokouksen asialistasta. Kopioin sen tähän siltä varalta, että kaikki kiinnostuneet eivät ole sitä saaneet.

Dear democrats,

Next Tuesday October 11th at 7pm CET we will have our second online meeting.

The meeting will take place on the Mumble platform, which is a well tested conference service, which should make sure that we have a minimum of technical problems. Please find details of how to connect to Mumble by following this link. Enter the port number 64738. Please take into account that it takes some time to configure Mumble, so we would recommend that you would already install and start using it around 6:45pm CET.

Since our last meeting was more of a get together and we didn't cover all the agenda points, we propose to start discussing two central issues at the beginning of this second meeting, supplemented by the issues proposed in the agenda on Titanpad:

1.- Setting the goal(s) of DiD (1h)

First, we need to democratically come to an agreement concerning the overall purpose of our initiative. What do we want to achieve, both regarding the process (e.g. engaging Diem25'ers with an internal discussion about democracy) and the eventual aim(s) (e.g. proposing amendments to the organisational principles)? This should not be something that "we" as initiators decide upon, but something we decide upon together, as true democrats.

For this reason, we propose to start with gathering ideas about what each of us considers as the goal(s) of DiD.

Short introduction (Pedro)
Personal proposals (2min per participant)
Please think of your personal idea of the purpose of DiD. Write a short text (bullet-point(s)) and post it in this document. If you have any problem with Titanpad, please send your text by e-mail (respond to this message or send it to [email protected]).
We are looking for a concise expression of our goal. It should be possible to express this it in two minutes. Discussion and reflection in the group will come afterwards.
Discussion and reflection, consensus seeking.
Decision on a common goal for the DSC.
It would be ideal to reach a consensus, otherwise we will have to decide how we decide. We could, if necessary, for instance use the voting function in Slack.
Time provided, we can start exploring strategies and possible actions to be decided in the future.

2.- Consider the possibility of a future (spring?) face to face meeting/workshop (20min)
As a true transnational organisation, we should not only meet online but also in "real life" where the dynamics of meeting and discussing (and socialising) contribute to a better mutual understanding and a greater feeling of being a group.

If there is an interest in the group, this will be complex, hence it would be good to get the ball rolling soon.

3.- Discuss the Demos of Diem25 (15min)
Reflect on the recent discussions of what should count as a matter that Diem25 should be involved in. What matters in Europe should we take a stance on and what matter perhaps not?

4.- The role of the grassroot in Diem25 (15min)
A short reflection on the role of "the grassroots" in our organisation.
This promises to be an interesting meeting and we think that if we would manage to gain a democratic consensus about the purpose of DiD, we would have made a first "giant leap".

Talk to you soon.

Democratically yours,
Pedro, Manuel and Wessel


Tuulia Reponen Mon 10 Oct 2016 7:07AM

Jos haluat liittyä Democracy in DiEM -työryhmän sähköpostilistalle, laita viestiä tähän osoitteeseen: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/did25


Tuulia Reponen Mon 24 Oct 2016 1:22PM

DiD oli lähettänyt sähköpostia seuraavan kokouksen, joka järjestetään 25.10. klo 20.00 Suomen aikaa, asialistasta. Kopioin sen tähän siltä varalta, että kaikki kiinnostuneet eivät ole sitä saaneet. Kokous käydään viime kokouksen tavoin Mumble-työkalun avulla, erotuksena, että meillä on nyt oma kanava, jonka porttitunnus on eri kuin viimeksi lainaamamme kanavan.

  • Jos olit viime kokouksessa: avaa Mumble, etsi serveriksi listalta "Did Mumble" ja vaihda porttinumeroksi 64740

  • Jos et ollut viime kokouksessa: lataa Mumble (katso aiemmat viestit tästä ketjusta), avaa se, etsi "Did Mumble" serverilistasta ja laita porttinumeroksi 64740

Dear democrats,

Our next meeting of DiD will take place on the 25th October at 7pm CET.

The meeting will again take place on the Mumble platform. We are using a new server right now, on which we'll have additional possibilities for (1) multiple chatrooms and (2) parallel language rooms (e.g. for German and French).

Please make sure to configure Mumble 10-15 minutes before the meeting in case you haven't used it before, because this takes some time. These are the instructions for joining the call:

If you joined our last Mumble conference:
Open Mumble.---You will see a window displaying a list of servers.
Select - one click only - the server you used last time (Did Mumble).
Click Edit...
Change port value to 64740
Click OK
In the server Window click Connect

If you are new to the DiD Mumble server:
Follow the steps described in this link:
Use port number 64740

Once in the server choose channel DiD1. NOTE: There are tow sub-rooms Lan-11 and Lan-12 from which the conversation in DiD1 can be heard but from which you cannot interfere with the main group. These can be used for translation.

Please find below the items of the agenda of our next meeting:

25/10/2016 AGENDA
Chair: M-A
Minutes: ?
Voting on the aims of DiD as established last meeting (10min)
Voting procedures
What exactly legitimates a decision by DiD? All present at meeting? All active? All that want to vote?
PROPOSAL If we are voting to a text: Period to work on it. Close the text. Vote different sections and points. Discuss results. If there is consensus we go ahead. If note we reopen pad and discussion. Second round. On the third round majority rules. (20 mins)
Discuss the Demos of Diem25 (15min)
Reflect on the recent discussions of what should count as a matter that Diem25 should be involved in. What matters in Europe should we take a stance on and what matter perhaps not? Discuss CC's newly proclaimed position.
The role of the grassroots in Diem25 (20 min)
The idea of inviting Yanis Varoufakis/or the CC as a whole to one of our meetings. (15 mins)
The agenda will be confirmed at the start of the meeting. Of course are all suggestions for changes in the agenda welcome and we'll discuss them (also, at the start of the meeting).

Democratically yours,