Sat 18 Apr 2015 9:34PM

Amenities for Motueka's youth

DA David Armstrong Public Seen by 134

Some people suggest that Motueka should have provision for activities for young people near or in the centre of town (wherever that is!), such as a place to shoot hoops and skateboard, or a youth drop-in centre, or music room.
Others say that if these "official" youth places were provided, youth wouldn't use them but rather go the places they select.
Yet others say the Recreation Centre and skate park complex does the job.
What do you think?
Personally I worry that by telling our kids to go elsewhere away from the town centre so as not to cause bother here is telling them that during their recreational time they are not appreciated as part of our community.


Sue Clark Sun 19 Apr 2015 12:03AM

I like the idea of these sort of amenities becoming user friendly for all age groups. I don't believe we should combine the recreation centre, its a sporting/fitness centre in its own right. I would like to see the go-kart area and the skatepark developed - kayaks on the estuary perhaps, night lights, roller skating boxing anything that would keep our young people busy and active - outdoors. A small café there would be really good selling food and healthy drinks :) A shop selling their type of gear- protective clothing etc. One could go on with ideas for ever but as long as its visible and safe - and well thought out, I am sure it would be well received. I think we need a developer/youth specialist to be consulted to come up with an awesome plan - yes it will cost but the end result would be SO good. Perhaps the Motueka High School pupils should be sent a questionnaire so they can indicate what they would like to see happen and where?

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Katerina Seligman Sun 19 Apr 2015 6:34PM

I reckon a place right in town where youth can hang out, eat , cook, listen to and play music, make stuff, etc etc would be great. Best if they can be involved in creating the space they want so that they take 'ownership' of it / feel that is really their place and not too organized by others . Drug and alcohol free would be good, so there would need to be other attractions like some charismatic open-minded energetic youth workers willing to give their all. .