Fri 5 Jul 2019 3:09PM

Giveth Gatherings - Protea Pilot Project Part Two

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We created a token-bonding curved community with Protea at our Giveth Retreat in Barcelona, and used it to fund our celebration event hosted at AKASHA Hub, and it was both great fun as a learning experiment, and a good start on producing regenerative events.

Tension: What's Next!?
As the organizer for the community "Giveth Gatherings" and the first event "RadicalxChange Meetup" on gather.protea.io, I am now carrying the torch to build on what we learned through providing more feedback to the Protea team and then testing their updates through hosting another event :)

This thread is to begin the Advice Process on where we want to go from here with the Giveth Gatherings token holding community.

1.) Surface outstanding questions and concerns with membership in the community, token holdings, the Gather Dapp itself, etc.
2.) Generate ideas and commitments toward creating another event for existing and new members to buy into, then
3.) Govern how the funds infused will be used

Protea would love to keep working with us, and from the last conversation I had with them, we see DECENTRAL at Burning Man as the next opportunity. It is the place where Givether's will once again Gather. This maintains some lovely continuity, as AfrikaBurn was their first project on the Dapp and their team is keen on contributing to the Burn here in North America. They would like to continue development on bridging the Protea DApp to the Giveth DApp, so that funds raised can be donated to a DAC, Campaign, or Milestone.

With the above Intentions in mind, what are your thoughts please on creating a second event centered on Burning Man attendance for Giveth Gathering members that are contributing to DECENTRAL?


Dani Fri 5 Jul 2019 3:34PM


Marko Prljic Sat 6 Jul 2019 6:18AM

I didn't get the chance to experience hands-on Protea dApp but I'm well aware of what Florian and the team are working on. I believe this is a great way to support the project and strengthen the community collaboration. Protea and Giveth are very compatible.

I say yes!


Griff Green Sat 6 Jul 2019 4:08PM

Im not sure about how to con ect it to burning man... and am not sure i want the complication... But if you have a strong idea about how to do it, i wouldnt stop it! Maybe something around the art car?

I would love it to represent the house! Like to stay at the house you need to have 50 dai worth of the token or something like that. You can keep the token afterwards or sell it, doesn't matter, but its a membership fee.

We have a commons stack event there soon... for sure everyone there would be down :-)


Gustavo Segovia Sun 7 Jul 2019 7:44AM

even if it would be awsome play with Protea there, remember that Burning Man is also a no-money experiment, so maybe it's better not intoxicate it with such a proposal. I like Griff's art car suggestion thought!

On the other side, I think a good way to move forward with the Giveth Gatherings community in Protea is to promote Giveth/Commons Stack/RadikalXchange meetups arround the world, or at least were contributors like us here are based.


Kris is Mon 8 Jul 2019 11:59AM

yeah, for burning man I think it's already a great thing that now everyone has to register & donate via the DApp. I would not add another layer of complexity on top of that.
For the house it seems like a cool experiment to do, but Protea still had quite some work to make the experience more user-friendly, hope the feedback helped.


Dani Mon 8 Jul 2019 2:05PM

Just received some big announcements from Protea! They have partnered with Abridged for a vastly improved user onboarding and transaction/interaction experience, which means.. they will be moving to the xDAI sidechain.

ETA is 4-6 weeks and our existing community will be migrated. While in development and test this news is shared with collaborators only so you won't see it publicly shared yet - lets keep that in here. Meanwhile I'll be joining a regular Community Building call with them and doing a bit of testing to ensure our feedback is soundly addressed.

So that said, doing something for a Giveth Gathering in conjunction with DECENTRAL at Burning Man is obviously off the table for now. Let's keep an eye out for something in September or October that would be a good fit for giving the new version a second spin!


Kay Mon 15 Jul 2019 3:31PM

Great news! That should make integratin into the xDAI version of the DApp easier down the line. I also think that Burning Man is a bit out of scope of what one can do with Protea Gather at the moment. I think getting the game on for event organizing is a more valuable use case for now anyway and I am glad we are having these first-row seats to witness development and give feedback.